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vocabulary lesson plan


Abc student book , paper strips (self made)

Main Aims

  • To provide clarification of new terms related to buying things

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide practice of language used for functional expressions related to buying things


Warm up ,lead in • to set lesson context engage students.to provide a modal of the target language and prepare students for controlled practice .

T writes on the board ,there are many things we need to buy. what do you need to buy? T asks sts to discuss this sentence

exposure to the target language (2-4 minutes) • To provide a modal of the target language and prepare students for controlled practice .

T chests the paper .focus students attention on the photos . T asks (where are the people shopping and how?)- Students discuss in pairs T gets feed back

controlled practice • listening

Set E.x.(b).Listen and identify which photo is related to the conversation . Tasks students to listen to the conversation ,then identify the photo which is related to. Set E.x. (c) listen and complete . T asks students to listen to the record to complete the table . T pauses the record after the first conversation to give them to answer , re turn the record and students complete the next table.Students check the answer into pairs .T check the answer with the whole class.

Supportive vocabulary introduction (5-8 minutes) • to draw students attention to the target language and clarify the (M.P.F.)

Set E.X.2 (a).Check the meaning of words and phrases in bold. T gives students strips of paper. T asks students to guess the meaning of the words during the functional expression . Students work as a group .to answer . Then ,t gives them other strips to match the word with it's meaning . T check the meaning with them by ccqs . T drill the words,write on the board. T clarifies the stress syllable,and the form. After wards T asks students to work in pairs and match sentence (A)with (B). Students check the answer together. (B).Students listen again to the recorder and check ,then they practice saying sentences and responses with a partner .

Freer practice • to provide students freer practice of Tl

Set E.X. 3. T asks students to work in pairs ,and write a dialogue about one of the things below . T clarifies to them to use E.X.2 a to help them. Ss read and act out their dialogue . T makes notes about their perform.

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