Ole Ole

TP7 - Ole Vinsten Pedersen
Pre-Intermidiate level


Lesson starts with a picture of two teens fighting with their parrents. We move on to listen about teens and their families. We finish with a roleplay


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Main Aims

  • To provide practice of Present perfect in the context of Families with teenagers

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide fluency speaking practice in a Role Play in the context of Families with teenagers


Lead in (1-2 minutes) • Set topic

Lead in: T projects appendix 1 - What do you think about these pictures? - What is happening? WC discussion Praise

Listening task 1 - Listening for gist (6-8 minutes) • Introduce TL

T projects appendix 2 - "What are they arguing about?" Listen to a few of their ideas. Devide Ss into pairs Instruction: Look at the pictures - "Talk to your partner, and write down what you think they're arguing about in each picture. - "You have 1 minute" ICQ's - Will you do it alone? (No) - Will you guess what they're saying? (No) - How long? (1 minute) Instructions: - "We'll now listen to what they're saying in the pictures". - "Try to find out if you were right". ICQ (Only if their energy level is low) - Will you jump up and down? (No) T plays audio 1 T asks if they guessed any of them. Listen to a few of their answers. T projects appendix 3 (answer key) Ask pairs to check their answers Did you guess any of them? WCFB Praise

Listening 2 (6-8 minutes) • Listening for specific information

T projects appendix 4 T points to one of the words in the word list and says: - "Which form is this verb?" (Past participle) (Try to help them by miming the word with your lips) Do this with 2 or 3 of the words Instructions: Chest HO2 "We will listen to the arguements again, but only one time" "You you will work alone to fill out the blanks" ICQ's - Will you talk to your partner? (No) - Will you write it on whatsapp? (No) - How many times will we listen? (One time) T distributes HO2 Play audio 1 once Ask Ss to check with their partner. Project answer key "How many did you get?" Praise

Highight the target language (6-8 minutes) • To highligt the target language

T projects appendix 5 T goes through the slide with the Ss Praise T chest HO3 Instructions: - Underline every sentence that has just, yet or already in them. - You'll do it alone - You have 1 minute 20 seconds ICQ's - Will you put the line over the sentences? (No) - How long (1 minute 20 seconds) Pair check Underline on the board Praise

Controlled Practice (6-8 minutes) • Practice Target Language

T projects appendix 6 Instructions: - Look at the sentences - Remake the sentences with just, yet or already - You do it alone. - You have 1 minutes 49 seconds ICQ's - Are you going to you swim? (No) - Are you going to write? (No) - Which words will you put in the sentences? (Just, yet or already) - How long? (1 minute 49 seconds) T projects appendix 6 (answer key) Ss check and correct Praise

Role PLay (10-12 minutes) • Practice fluency of TL

T pair Ss up Teacher pair Ss up Assign one sentence from HO3 to each group. Instructions: - You will do 2 Role Plays using your dialogue. - 1 where the people are happy, and 1 where they are sad - Make them funny - You have 5 minutes to plan it ICQ's - How many role plays? (2) - How will they be different? (1 happy, 1 sad) - Will they be funny? (Yes) - How long? 5 minutes Instructions: - When you're watching the other pairs you have to give points. - Points are given between 0 for "totally not funny" and 10 for "Haha, oh my God, I can't breath!" - Highest score wins ICQ's - Is 10 the best score? (Yes) - Will you write down how many points? (Yes) - Will it be fun? (Yes) Praise Count points Declare winner Praise

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