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Functional money, prices and "How much"
Beginners level


Students will be learning to recognize and say prices in various currencies. They will also use the question "How much" to converse in a cafe setting.


Abc Coins
Abc Money related word matching exercise
Abc Handout1-word matching/jumble
Abc picture of Euro bill
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Abc Cafe Menu Handout

Main Aims

  • To help students recognize and ask/answer about prices using numbers and various currencies using the question "How much?"

Subsidiary Aims

  • Students will also get a chance to be introduced to some food and beverage vocabulary. They will get a chance to practice communication skills by asking each other a new question.


Lead in (3-5 minutes) • To arouse sts' curiosity about different currencies

Show sts a pound, euro and dollar bill picture and ask if they recognize them - which countries' currency they are. Spell on board together. Remember pence and cent (use Turkish kurus coin to cue these). Intro/review the word money, chat. How much is an IPhone 6? -introduces the words how much and price

Task 1 (5-7 minutes) • To help recognize £, $, €, p and c - spelling, writing and pronunciation

Word jumble and matching - sts will be given HO1 to match the sign to the word, giving TL-Turkish Lira as example-orally and on WB. But they will be given the words' letters mixed up and will thus learn to spell them correctly. When finished, they will read out to each other and the WC

Language review and exercise (7-10 minutes) • To further help students become fluent in conversing on prices and ask questions

Students will each be given a coin and asked to tell what currency and denomination it is. Sts will then be randomly paired up, standing across in 2 lines,ose first in line will ask the other "How much money do you have?" and make a guess. Once the partner responds they will switch. This activity will be demonstrated by 2 teachers with Turkish Lira and Kurus used as examples.

Task 2 (8-10 minutes) • To recognize singular and plural as well as have students come up with questions.

Listen to 3.11 once, then again, pausing at a few. Sts will be given HO2 They will create 3 sentences each, working alone, using the words cued on the top part of the sheet. When done they will take turns to read answers in pairs. I will elicit answers after, asking them to read whole sentence. We will try to review if I hear problem spots.

Task3 (10-13 minutes) • For sts to get exposed to new food related words

Will have students look at the HO3 of pictures and price list in lesson to match the items with prices. Then sts will pair and take turns asking and answering about the items. We will then listen to 3.14 to drill and review the words to make sure they got the pronunciation.

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