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Teaching Practice 3
Elementary level


In this lesson students are going to practice present simple negatives with do such as "I don't eat fish.Yes/No questions with do such as "do you live here? Yes,I do/No,I don't" with in the context of evenings and weekends free time activities. The context will be set in by a short story about what the teacher doesn't eat .Students will do some activities to practice making negatives and questions. This will be followed up by a listening task for checking answers.The colsure is a speaking task ,students are going to tell each other what they do/don't do at weekends.


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Main Aims

  • To clarify the Meaning,Form and Pronuncation of the present simple negative ,yes/no questions and short answers with in the context of " free time activities".And to provide practice for the same structures with in the same context.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide accuracy in conversation with in the context of " free time activities ".


lead in • To set lesson context and engage students

• T arranges the seats in a semi circle shape so all of the Ss can see her. • T tells Ss about food that she doesn’t eat and demo the sentence I don’t eat fish. then asks the Ss to tell their partners about foods they don’t eat ”I don’t eat.......?

Pesentation • To introduce the Target language

* In order to introduce the Target Language I will ask the Ss to listen again to the conversation between Tanya and Robert. T repeats the sentence of the TL. Tanya says I don’t go out in the week * T repeats the sentence several times for the Ss. * CCQ - does Tanya go out on Mondays? No. Why ? because it isn’t weekend, it is a weekday . - does Tanya go out on Saturdays? Yes . Why? Because it is the weekend . * T write the sentence on the WB so the Ss can see the form of the negative sentence. * T sticks flash cards of subject, auxiliary and infinitive on the board then asks individual Ss to match each flash card to the correct word in the sentence. Where is the subject in the sentence? .....etc Drilling *T drills the sentence chorally as WC and individual Ss paying attention to the stress mark on the negative.

Practice • to make the students practice the TL

Work sheet1. Students look at the example in the table and write sentences 1 and two in the same way (individually) then check their answers with a partner then check from the WB *S students look at the sentences in the flash cards and change them into negatives using don’t *T reminds the Ss with the use of negative form don’t with the subjects (we, you, they) CCQ which one is true: -She don;t go out in the week.( F ) -He don’t go out in the week. ( F ) -They don’t go out in the week. ( T )

Production • practice accuracy in speaking

Work sheet *T demo the instructions *Ss read the sentences ,mark check for what is true for them and cross for what is not true. Make the false sentences negative .Tell the group about what they do and what they don’t do. *T monitors to correct mistakes.

• Ss elicit the TL

*Ss elicit the question form. *T writes on the WB sentence in the two forms positive and negative then asks Ss to form yes /no question -I go shopping on Saturdays. -I don’t go shopping on Saturdays. (Do you go shopping on Saturdays?) CCQ -do we begin with the subject? No, with Do -Do we put a full stop in the end? No, we put question mark. *T divides the sentence into auxiliary, subject and infinitive then ask the students to match the cards to the correct word.

• practice fluency in speaking

Work sheet Students look at the example in the table and write sentences 1 and two in the same way (individually) then check their answers with a partner then check from the WB Game *S stand in a circle to practice asking and answering questions with do you...? *T demo the first question using pictures then each student asks the same question to the S next to him/her tell the last picture.

Follow up • Revise TL

Ss do ex.8a from the course book individually , check with a partner then listen and check their answer. *Ss use the same questions in ex.8a to give true answers about themselves.

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