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Valentines day
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Celebrate valentines day with games, drinks and snacks.


Abc drinks
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Abc screen
Abc blindfold
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Main Aims

  • To practice speaking in English
  • To meet new people.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To make sure that everything is ready and prepared for.


Warmer (5-10 minutes) • start talking to people

When people arrive for this social, they need to put their name on one of the half hearts when they come in. When everyone has arrived they will each take their name an they will have to go around the room looking for the person who fits with their half heart once they have found that person they need to introduce themselves and tell them one fact about them.

Speed dating (20-25 minutes) • For people to get to know each other quickly.

There will be tables in a line one side of the tables the girls will sit and the other side of the table the boys will sit. They will each be given a card, on the card will be 3 questions, they will need to ask each other the questions in English and write down an answer. but they will only have 1 minute 30 seconds to do this. Once they have done this the boys will stand up and they will move one place to the left. and sit down and talk to the next person. This will carry on until they have spoken to every person on the opposite gender.

Blind Date (30-40 minutes) • For people to get to know each other quickly.

This will be set out with 3 of one gender sitting one side of the screen, and 1 of the other gender sitting the other side of the screen. The person who is sitting on their own will ask the others 3 questions, each person will have to answer the question. Once they have asked all 3 questions and people have answered them, the person who is sitting on their own will get to choose a person to date. There will then be the option for them to go and sit in the dating corner if they would like to.

mingling time (18-20 minutes) • To get to know other people

In this they will get time they will be able to have some snacks, and go around talking to other people and getting to know others.

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