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Reading article about Facebook
Intermediate level


Abc Paper sheet ,White board and colour marker cd audio mp3

Main Aims

  • To provide gist. ‚óŹ By the end of the lesson, the student.can read for a gist and know the dangerous of personal accounts on Facebook.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide practice
  • To provide practice on the new words like : damage, reputation,cultivate,
  • To provide practice


Pre- reading (1-7 minutes) • To know the main

I welcome the students and ask them to what extend they use the internet then I open discussion about Facebook. What are the advantages and disadvantages of Facebook? How can I use it in a right way? Finally, I ask the students to distribute the sheets.

Main reading (8-20 minutes) • To know the main gist of the essay.

Students read individually and put underline the main sentence.

After reading (20-30 minutes) • Critical thinking

Ask the students,what are the main sentences? Give them a minute to see their mates sentences. Then,I write down on the board the main sentences they say after that I discuss with them every point and their perspective on each.

Intensive reading (30-45 minutes) • To take out the new words and use them in another sentences.

1-Ask the students to read the essay again and take out the new words . 2- I divide them into groups and ask them to share the new words and discuss them. Then I nominate them and every student give me a word . 3- I write it on the board and ask them to guess the meaning in English. 4- Ask and choose a student to use the word in a new sentence and let him write it on the board , besides the rest of the class write sentences from their mind .Then I assess the sentence on the board if it achieves the meaning or not.

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