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B1 level


Abc White board, markers, Computer screen, Answer Keys

Main Aims

  • By the end of the lesson SS will have practiced the first conditional and future time clauses in the context of learning at school

Subsidiary Aims

  • To listen for specific information given by students in the context of studying at the university
  • To practice by speaking and writing the form of the first conditional and future time clauses


Warmer/Lead-in (4 minutes) • To lead the students insightfully into the topic and set context

T will show a demonstration by ask a student a question such as: "When was the last time you did an exam?" and a follow up: "Did you pass or fail?" Teacher will then show students more questions on the screen and make students to work in pairs and ask the questions. Teacher will then get a pair to tell one of the questions and the answer he got fro his or her partner. the answer will then be written on the board. This will be used to set the context.

Highlighting/ Clarification (5-10 minutes) • to draw students' attention to the target language's meaning pronunciation and form

T elicits the target language, from the question and answers students asked and then teach the form of the first conditional using a time line. T will use Concept check questions to see if the y understood the meaning and form of the first conditionals. E.g; Is this action in the past? Is it about the future? Can we see the clue about what is will happen?

Controlled Practice/ Listening (5-7 minutes) • To prepare students for more meaningful practice

T will show students two pictures about Charlotte and Victor. Teacher will then tell SS to make a guess about the listening material they are about to hear. T then tell them that both students will be asked some questions which the T will project on the screen. Twill guide them to answer one or two questions form the first student and have the SS to complete the rest themselves. SS will have to work individually and then they will compare their answers with a new partner. The answer Key will be given to confirm their answers.

Controlled Practice 2/ Listening (3-7 minutes) • To prepare students for more meaningful practice

T will do the same procedure as in controlled practice 1. With demo and emphasis on the conditional and future time indicators: Such as unless, as soon as, until, if and when. But the task is different SS will use the indicator as a clue to get the needed answers to fill in the gap.

Controlled Practice/ Writing (5-7 minutes) • To master the use of If conditionals and future time clauses

T will show by instruction and complete one exercise. SS will have to work in groups. T then hands out more exercises to the students to practice the If conditional and future time clauses from the text and work book. They will then compare their answers with other groups. T will finally give the answer key to them to confirm their answers.

Semi-Controlled Practice/Speaking (5-8 minutes) • To summarize and make necessary corrections

T will take a sentence from the list of the speaking questions that will be projected and show the SS how to complete the sentences by making true statements about themselves. E.g; "I won't stop studying English until . . . " Answer: " . . . I can speak and write it confidently." T will have students work in groups and practice speaking using the beginning of sentences provided and making true sentences about themselves. T will monitor this activity to hear if they are doing it correctly and take notes for needed correction and do it after the practice. T will have the praise students for brilliant answers given and point to some errors or mistakes made and then correct them with drills.

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