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Copy of Reported speech - Questions, orders and request
Intermediate level


In this lesson, the Ss will learnt reported speech of questions, orders and requests with the technique "language through a text". And they will have language practice with two controlled tasks and one semi-controlled speaking practice.


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Main Aims

  • To provide clarification and practice of questions, orders and requests in reported speech in the context of celebreties interviews

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide fluency and accuracy speaking practice in a reporting in the context of celebrities interviews


Led-in (4-5 minutes) • To set a context and activate schemata

The T will show them some pictures of Megan Fox and see if they know her. And then show a picture of Beyaz Ozturk and ask them what his job is. They have to speak in pairs about what they know about those two people, and what they think about inteviews. They will have 3 minutes to do that. Then there will be a quick WCFB.

Reading for comprehension (6-7 minutes) • To expose Ss to the TL in context

The T will clarify the reading which is an extract from a newspaper article about the Beyaz and Megan's interview. The article was written by Kim Phillips. And write those names on the WB, while she ask CCQs about them. CCQs: Who is being interviewed? who is the star? -Megan Who is the host? the person who interviewed Megan? - Beyaz Who ask the questions in the interview? - Beyaz Who answer them? -Megan Who wrote the article? -Kim Was Kim part of the interview? -No The T will give them HO-Reading and ask them to read and choose the most appropriate title for it. A quick peer checking. WCFB Now, the T will get the Ss to underline examples of the TL in the text by asking them to underline the questions. A quick peer checking.

Elicit the examples of the TL in the text (1-2 minutes) • To get a model sentence on the WB

The T will elicit the underlined sentences from the Ss and write one or two on the WB. The T will elicit those sentences by asking: What is the first question? The T will write it on the WB, and she will write the active question as well.

Meaning, form and pronunciation (6-7 minutes) • To clarify the meaning. form and pronunciation of the TL

The T will ask CCQs to clarify meaning. The CCQs are: Who said this? and this? One of the questions is said by Kim Phillips to the readers and the other by Beyaz to Megan. Do you use this sentence (reported question)during the interview or after? -after Do you use this sentence (active question)during the interview or after? -During Do you use reported questions in the newspaper? -Yes Do you use reported questions to gossip? -Yes Then the T will try to elicit the part of speech to clarify form. And then, the T will drill the Ss with the stress of the sentences.

Controlled Practice of the TL - Sequence game (6-7 minutes) • To practice the TL in a controlled task

The students will be in groups of 4 in a circle. Each of them will have an active question or order and they have to say the reported version. The first person will say only their sentence, the second person will say the first person sentence and their own sentence, the third person will say the first person sentence and the second person sentence and their own sentence and the fourth have to say the first person sentence, the second person sentence, the third person sentence and their own sentence. They will do that twice.

reporting interviews - Role Play (14-15 minutes) • To practice the TL in a semi controlled practice

The Ss will be in pairs. The T will give them short celebrities interviews and tell them they are going to be reporters for a TV news channel, and they have to do a report on that interview, one of them will do the report for America and the other for England. They can take notes if they want to. When they have their report ready they will tell it to the other group.

error correction (3-4 minutes) • To provide error correction on the TL

During the speaking activity the T will monitor and take notes of the mistakes and also of the good phrases she hears. After the activity the T will do a error focused FB on the WB with at least four sentences, three mistakes and one good one. In case there is still time the T will do a couple more sentences. For this activity the T will write the sentences on the board and ask the Ss to give the correct answer on the WB.

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