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Pre-Intermediate level


Aims: To introduce and provide practice of writing a postcard (20-30 words)


Abc Zoom platform

Main Aims

  • To provide product writing practice of a post card in the context of holiday's break

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide practice of vacation and holidays lexis set in the context of writing a postcard
  • To provide process writing practice of a postcard layout, punctuation in the context of holiday's break


Lead in (2-3 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students

Introduce the topic, and then send the link asking them to enter the link (https://www.menti.com/6kn7e66ie9 ) for them to answer the following survey (I share my screen with this link: https://www.mentimeter.com/s/f0e48dcbee9de4084d52996b8c4a483a/71bd1198aa85 ): Eg: Has anyone been on a city break? Why did you do it and what did you enjoy about it? I share the vocabulary pre-selected with the definitions on the zoom chat

Sample analysis Layout (6-7 minutes) • Ss identify the sections of the piece of writing

Give each other a copy of the postcard (https://forms.gle/Ht9QJkSbB6YKXvmw6). Say (by sharing my screen): Read the postcard and answer the questions I need to provide feedback, which is linked to language analysis because of questions 4,5,6

Sample analysis: language (4-5 minutes) • SS identify language needed in the piece of writing

Check answers. When I arrive to question number 5, ask all students to give 1 example of the omission(s) (I show suggested answer box highlighting words with colors after students finish) I ask: Is omitting words formal or informal language? (informal). Ask question number 6: Why do they omit words? (to have more space) What is the content of the postcard? (What do they do in their trip) I ask: Are they having a good time? (no) What are the phrases that give that idea (use of phrases not too, mostly, a little)? For pronunciation, look only to open that topic by asking: Does anyone have a pronunciation question (not relevant for the topic).

Writing (10-10 minutes) • Learners put into practice the analyzed language, strategies, layout

I share the link for the activity (https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/16jCA3OtyHnmkQHWycgWCCDBQzNZz6pUoaac-GTDwxD0/edit?usp=sharing) (and show how to use: Read the instructions and write your postcard in the slide with your name.) ICQ: What do you need to do? (read instructions and write postcard) Where do you write it? In the place with my name

Writing 2 (10-10 minutes) • Learners put into practice the analyzed language, strategies, layout

You create groups (3) and tell the students: Using your postcards, create a group postcard with the following instructions: Think of a city you wish to visit (Las Vegas, Rome, Toluca). You are "having" a holiday there (good or bad your choice). Write a postcard (20-30 words) home to your parents, friends, etc. (share in the zoom chat). Use the 1st checklist to guide you. https://jamboard.google.com/d/1OcR6DG-NAusZz8ZlCreeJ_O5j8BtzcWy4CVbrVQPMbY/edit?usp=sharing https://jamboard.google.com/d/1OxS5DXitNTjAKBhKdEU-CzYtq_cVs5cTQxS6g0DukXo/edit?usp=sharing https://jamboard.google.com/d/1OxsCBAfJWYgfiPJiqyGgOMEfzLPGacKSZC8w85OWtOY/edit?usp=sharing

Peer-feedback (and open class) (DEC) (9-10 minutes) • Learners will compare their work with others (peer-feedback)

Switch postcards done from the learners and create new breakout rooms. Tell students: In groups, use the second draft checklist to correct the postcard from your group. While students work, I gather information on language use for feedback (DEC) in the form of a questionnaire they will answer on the zoom chat (8 min for this activity). After students return, elicit one of the work. Then, do the test for content feedback, and 3 for accuracy.

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