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Teaching Practice 1 (TP1)
Beginner level


In this lesson, the students are going to review their ABCs and then spell their names to each other. We will learn new vocabulary words, using basic things that we have in the room, in our bags, etc. Students will practice using articles (a,an)


Abc photocopies from unit 1C Face2Face
Abc various everyday objects in a bag
Abc words cards

Main Aims

  • To introduce & give practice in vocabulary of classroom objects and the use of the indefinite article -a/an

Subsidiary Aims

  • Personal questions review, listening & speaking


Warm-up (5-8 minutes) • Greet the class and get them to greet each other with names

I say hi and good morning to everyone and the students greet each other. Instead of "Nice to meet you" students will be instructed to say "Nice to see you" because they are meeting again. Students will walk around greeting one another with "Good morning _________, Nice to see you."

Alphabet soup (10-15 minutes) • hammer home the alphabet and get them using it

Read through the alphabet, pronouncing each letter and repeating. Then we'll join in a rousing version of the Alphabet Song.The teacher will illustrate how to ask names and get people to spell it out. Then the teacher will turn the exercise over to the students. Students ask each other "What's your name?" and "How do you spell it?" Students answer back by spelling out their names.

Spelling new words (5-8 minutes) • To test how students can spell words that they read on a card

Student picks up a card and reads it. Then they spell the word. Another student writes it on the board. I've chosen easy words, but also words with difficult A,E,I and C,G,J,S combinations in order to test them since these letters are confusing for Turkish students when they try to spell in English

Things in the Bag (12-17 minutes) • Learn English words for things that we use everyday

After the students have learned the new words from the Face2Face book, the teacher will have a bag of everyday objects and will hold up the object and ask the students "What's this?" They will answer "It's a/an __________." Teacher will show how to use A or AN in front of a noun and then let the students practice. The teacher will say a word like "pen", and the students have to say "A" or "AN" for which article is to be used in front of it. The teacher will put objects in a bag. A student will turn around and the teacher will put an object behind his or her back. They will guess what the object is saying "It's a/an_______!" Students will pair up and try it with each other, putting a few objects on the desk. One students asks what it is and the other one answers.

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