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junior level


Demonstration of a full teaching of structure based on ESA.


Abc Cycles
Abc First friend 3
Abc Papers and doors

Main Aims

  • To understand the structure and reproduce a new one based on the sample.

Subsidiary Aims

  • Teaching 'what day is it?' and activating students.


Engagement (3-4 minutes) • To get the students ready for structure and giving them a sense of the general story.

-Teacher elicits the meaning of month, week, day with pieces of calendar.(1min) -Teacher shows a weekly plan for dinners that he has every night. (1min) -Teacher asks students to write their plan for dinner. (2min) ICQ : write about lunch or dinner? dinner.

Study (4-6 minutes) • Teaching 'what day is it?' through the steps of teaching structure.

-Teacher shows a piece of paper and say ' she/he eats .... On Monday'. -Teacher says 'she/he eats ....' and gestures 'what day is it?' and he answers 'it's Tuesday'.(2min) -Teacher does repetition (choral, group, individual). (1min) -Teacher asks students to stand up and plays a movie and students should have movement and sing the song. (2min). CCQs :Teacher says the sentences 'he/she eats ....' and ask students to answer.

Activation (5-7 minutes) • Activating the students and check students with games.

-Teacher asks students to watch a movie and one time listen to that then read it aloud. (1min) -Teacher asks two students to come to the board and he gives students roles and they should say the dialogs. (1min) -Teacher asks one student to come to the board and rotate the cycle, then others should ask' what day is it?' and he/she should say the answer that can see. (3min)

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