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Copy of Reading and film vocabulary
Elementary level


In this lesson students learn and practice the skills of reading for gist and scanning for detail in the context of a text relating to James Bond. Following a James Bond film clip lead-in ss will discuss what they know about Bond. Ss then read a text relating to Bond for gist and give the text a title.Ss then answer questions about the text by scanning for detail. Following some teaching of vocabulary relating to film genres and how to express like or dislike ss will discuss in groups their likes and dislikes for different types of films


Abc Film genre name cut-ups
Abc Scan text Answers re Face2Face p72
Abc Scan questions re text Face2Face p54
Abc James Bond Text Face2Face p54,55
Abc 3 Text Title choices "Face2Face "p54
Abc Film genre name cut-ups

Main Aims

  • To provide gist and scan reading practice using a text about James Bond in the context of films

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide clarification and practice of vocabulary relating to film genres in the context of likes and dislikes


Warmer/Lead-in (3-4 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students in the James Bond story.

Ask ss to look to the whiteboard - Play video of first 2 minutes of Skyfall - car chase in Istanbul. Elicit any knowledge of the film and the setting. Further briefly discuss what ss know about James bond as WC eliciting where possible - one or many films?, is he a character or real?, what does JB do in the films ? are the films exciting? maybe is there a Turkish character like JB?

Pre-Reading Interest and Prediction (4-5 minutes) • To prepare students for the text and generate interest

Ss work in groups of 3 or 4 to discuss what they know about James Bond. Ask groups to come up with 3 things. WC feedback and discussion of some things groups came up with. Instructions : 1 work in groups of 3 2 discuss what you know about JB 3 think of at least 3 things. ICQs are you talking or writing ? How many things ? 3

Pre -Teach vocabulary (4-5 minutes) • to pre-teach essential vocabulary in order to understand the text

Elicit "Secret Agent" from the discussion of things ss know about JB or refer back to the previous discussion. Clarify meaning and pronunciation if needed. Elicit "Accident" and clarify meaning of "Climbing Accident" - Backchain and drill for pronunciation - he had a climbing accident - and to show sentence form. Clarify meaning and drill navy and licence - Model and drill "licence"

While-Reading -gist task (7-8 minutes) • To learn and practice reading for gist.

Show the text. Before handing it out ask ss to 1 please read it individually 2 read it quickly - only have 2 minutes - check with ICQS -are you reading alone- Yes do you need to read every word ?no Handout text and give ss 2 minutes Then ask ss to turn over the text so they can't see it. Put ss in pairs. Ask ss please discuss which of these 3 titles is best for the article and why - project 3 possible titles. WC feedback from some pairs

While-Reading -scan for detail task (10-12 minutes) • To learn and practice the task of scanning for detail.

Ask ss to read the text again by themselves carefully - instruction - please read the text again carefully by yourself. Allow a few minutes for this. Then show ss worksheet with questions re text - Instructions work in same pairs to answer these questions. WC check a few answers from pairs and project answer key. Have some hard copies of answer key ready if projection problem.

Film vocabulary (6-8 minutes) • To clarify and practice vocabulary relating to film types

Stick up visuals around class if not able to do this before lesson starts or during reading - ask for help from ss. Show cut ups of film words - instructions -please match the words to the correct film - hand out cut ups. MEANING - Further clarify meaning of close or unusual film types -action/thriller, historical drama,Sci-fi. FORM - Clarify how to talk about likes/dislikes - I like , I really like /love , I don't like ..., reference to film types in plural form without "the". PRONUNCIATION - model and drill all but particularly thrillers, horror and sci-fi

Post reading - speaking task (6-8 minutes) • To practice using film vocabulary in context and to build on the reading and practice oral fluency

Give ss numbers 1 to 5/6 - ask all numbers 1s etc to raise their hands - ask ss to sit in groups with same numbers. When ss sitting in groups ask them to discuss what films they like and do not like and why. ICQs are we talking or writing ? talking , do you need to give reasons ? yes WC feedback but I will nominate a couple of the stronger ss to say what another ss said in their group about what films they liked or didn't like and why.

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