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World of work/technology
Beginner level


This lesson will introduce students to vocab needed for use at work places and possession of technology.


Main Aims

  • To equip students with the vocab to explain possession of technology

Subsidiary Aims

  • Listening, speaking


Technology (5-7 minutes) • To introduce students to daily use technology

- Chest the pictures and try to elicit the names from the students. - Drill for pronunciation of the difficult words. - Use W/B and realia (in case of available things like mobile phone, computer etc) to elicit the TL, i.e. have/has.

Build on (3-5 minutes) • Consolidate the Vocabulary

- Chest the HO and ask the Ss to match the pictures with the words. - Distribute the HOs and specify the time. - Ask them to check answers in pairs. - Play the Recording Straightforward 5b, R 1.74 and ask students to verify their answers.

Daily use of the Vocab (5-7 minutes) • Introduce the TL

-Use W/B to elicit answers like ; I have a mobile phone', 'He/she has a mobile phone', We have a mobile phone' etc. -Then chest the HO and ask them to fill in the missing sentences. -Ask them to practice with each other in pairs and also verify their answers. -Then ask them to unfold the sheets and check answers from the answer key.

Technology and you Survey (4-5 minutes) • To make them able to speak about their own technology

- Chest the HO Straightforward 5b, speaking ex 1, p 45. - Ask one of the Ss ' do you have a computer', based on the reply explain to them that, this excercise is about them and they need to answer it themselves. -Distribute the HO and ask them tick the boxes, where they want. - Ask them to discuss the answers they gave in pairs.

Socialize with Technology (5-7 minutes) • Learning to question about variety and usage of technology

- Chest the HOs and explain to the students they need to ask at least three people the given questions. Demo the first given example for their clarification. - Distribute the HOs and ask them to stand up, give them two mins and ask them to start mingling. - Once task is done ask them to go back to their seats. Then ask a few of them couple of questions from the HO.

Questions about technology (8-10 minutes) • To be able to define the technology their friends have

Divide them in groups, max of 4 Ss in one. Chest the HO and explain that it is a questionnaire, which contains general questions they may ask each other to get to know and write sentences about each other. Ask them to write sentences about each other using the questions, or they may use their own. specify the time and once, times up, identify few students from every group to tell the class about the sentences they have written about their class fellows.

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