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Possessive 's and Functional Questions
Beginner level


This lesson will focus on grammar; students will learn about the meaning and form of possessive 's' and will be able to see the difference between possessive 's' and contracted 's' after the grammar exercises in the Straightforward Beginner Ss Bk. Secondly, wh questions will be practiced in order to help students form the questions to find about the people in family tree on the worksheet A and B. Then, students will peer-check to complete the task.


Abc Reading text, 'Family Album'
Abc Pictures of my family
Abc Colored papers
Abc Gap-fill worksheets
Abc Celebrities Pictures

Main Aims

  • To practise using the possessive 's' in the context of describing family members.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide revision about family vocabulary, ages, jobs. To practise controlled speaking


Warmer (1-2 minutes) • To introduce myself and memorize ss' names and using them

Ask students to write their names on a piece of paper and put their name tags in front of them on the desk.

Exposure 1- Pics of Family members (5-10 minutes) • To get the attention and generate interest in pictures of family members for the practice of Reading exercise. To check their vocavulary so that Ss will be ready to ask questions about age and jobs.

Tell ss to sit down after memorizing their names. Show them colorful pictures of my mother, father, grandparents, sister and cat one by one. Invite them to form questions in order to find information about Melisa and Melisa's family. Demo by posing sample questions, "Who is my mother?", " How old is she?". Thus, they will also ask questions about jobs and ages as well as being introduced with family vocabulary. Elicit the Wh questions on colored papers on walls in the classroom. Ask them to check if they have used all of functional questions. Elicit some of students' answers including possessive 's and contractions (if possible) on wb.

Grammar exercises and language notes (10-15 minutes) • To make meaning and form clear by Reading text. To highlight the family vocabulary with the usage of possessive 's and contractions in grammar exercises.

Ask ss to look at the text on page 34 and ask simple questions to get their attention. E.g., Where is the family from? Start grammar exercise 1 on page 35. Ask ss to find examples of possessive 's and contractions in the text by pair work. Before pw, answer the first two questions as a whole class examples to highlight the difference between possessive 's and contraction again. Underlie the both of the 's with a marker in the sentences and write possessive and contraction next to them. Monitor ss when doing the exercise in pairs and help them in case they need help. Write the other sentences on board and invite volunteers to fill the blanks on the board. Mark the possessive 's and contractions again with the marker. Start the grammar exercise 3 on page 35. Do the first one as an example with the whole class. Let students do the exercise and check in pairs. Write the sentences on board and invite volunteers to fill in the blanks on board. Check if the answers are correct with all of the students. Practise the pronunciation of family members and possessive 's.

Productive Task(s) Speaking for meaning and form. (10-15 minutes) • to practice speaking skill and give sts an opportunity to enhance and elaborate their understanding of the TL

Ask some students to change seats so that they can talk to other sts and build rapport. Give one copy of Worksheet A and one copy of Worksheet B to per pair of students. They will not be allowed to look at each other's worksheets until the end of the activity about Bob's family tree. Check if they remember the questions in the Don't forget! box. Ask Sts to ask their partner questions in order to complete their version of Bob's family tree. They will ask questions about Bob. E.g., Student A will ask Who is Bob's mother? and Student B will ask Who is Bob's mother? Ask students to refer to the names on both of the worksheets where necessary as there will be more names. E.g. Who is Olivia's daughter? Ask them to check if they have the information in the correct place by referring to other people on the worksheet. E.g., Is Bob his brother?, Are Lisa and Paul his parents? Let sts look at each other's worksheets and check their answers and spelling. Show one gap-filled worksheet to sts.

Feedback and Error Correction (5-8 minutes) • To provide feedback on students' production and use of language

If time, put some errors that have been noted on the wb. As a follow-up activity, allow students to test each other on the family relationships, and ask them to write some sentences about Bob's family. OR Give students pictures of celebrities, e.g. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt and tell them to produce some sentences about their family.

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