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Rebel celebrities, reading lesson.
Pre-intermediate, B1 level


This is a reading lesson in the context of celebrity rebels. The lesson will start with a conversation about rebellious children. During this conversation I will check/elicit meanings of some words that will appear in exercises and text. Then in pairs students will do 1st exercise, they will read the text and then in pairs discuss statements given above the text. Then students in groups of three will check their answers but keys to the exercise will be all around the room so they can find it themselves. Then we will do 2nd exercise students will change partners. Then we will check answers and finish the lesson doing 3d exercise and talking about anecdote to make the lesson more personal.


Main Aims

  • To provide detailed reading practice using a text about Rebel celebrities in the context of rebels

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide fluency speaking practice in a conversation in the context of rebels.


Lead-in. (4-5 minutes) • To motivate students, to make them interested.

To start with and motivate students we will have a conversation, and in the meanwhile i will elicit new words that will be found in the text. So, at first i will ask about kids, and if they always listen to their parents. What can happen if kids don`t listen to their parents and find bad friends it will help to elicit words "to join" "inappropriate (relationship)", "to commit a crime" "kidnapper", "ransom"and "circus". For eliciting i will use pictures. Check how they say it!!! and if they know which part of speech it is. ...joined her friends. ...fish joined her friends. Golden fish joined her friends. ...a crime. ...committed a crime. ...boy committed a crime. She didn`t know that he was a kidnapper. ...was a kidnapper. ...he was a kidnapper. ...know that he was a kidnapper. They didn`t want to pay a ransom. ...a ransom. ...to pay a ransom. ...didn`t want to pay a ransom. Bad boy committed a crime. ...inappropriate./ˌɪn.əˈprəʊ.pri.ət/ ...inappropriate friends. She has inappropriate friends. ...to circus. /ˈsɜː.kəs/ ...will go to circus. ...we will go to circus. Tomorrow we will go to circus.

While-reading. (8-10 minutes) • Student will read to find read for speciefic information

At first, i will give them handouts and check their understanding of the statements, given above the text and explain that they should find who did that. Ins.: -Look at the exercise 1 ( show), you see six sentences. Please, look at them. Now, you will read the text quickly and find who did these things. You have 2 minutes. Check: -Do you need a dictionary? Will you read or listen? How many minutes do you have? After reading students will check their answers in pairs. They will have about 2 min. Inst: -Now check your answers with partners ( show partners). You have 2 min. Check: Are you going to write? Will you talk just to your partner? As they were looking just for names it is not very important right now if they found all names correctly, no need to check it with the whole group, after the next exercise they will have a chance to check their answers.

Second time reading for speciefic information. (6-7 minutes) • Students should read the text again and find speciefic words.

When students finish reading we can move to ex.2, where they should replace underlined words from the exercise 1 with words from the text. Inst: -Now, look at these sentences again, there are underlined words. -Read the text quickly again and find there words with the same meaning. Check: -Will you read quickly? -Will you look for these words or just words with the same meaning. DEMO!! -For example, who joined a political group? Patty. So, we are reading quickly, and we see "she became a member"... They will have about 2 min. Answers for these exercise will be on the door and walls, so students will get up and check. Inst: -And now to check your answers you need to get up and find them in the room, they have 1 min.

Speaking task. (3-4 minutes) • To practice speaking for fluency.

This exercise should help students to relax and talk a bit. They should discuss in groups of three the ex.3. Inst: -Now, look at the exercise 3 ( show). - You can see here questions ( ask someone to read them). - In your groups talk about it quickly. You have 3 min. Check: - Do we need pens? -Are you talking in groups?

Personalizing the lesson. (4-7 minutes) • To let students to relax and personalize the lesson talking about their own experience.

Do you know what is anecdote? /ˈæn.ɪk.dəʊt/ - drill the meaning. Have you ever done something that your parents wouldn`t like? Or have your kids done something that you don`t like? ... If they are not very willing to talk about it tell them about Ali Agaoglu and how he burnt a boat of his son and a story about my dog. Show them a part about anecdote, ask to choose 4-5 points that they would like to tell friends about and let them discuss in groups of three ( but change grouping!). They will have about 4 min. Inst: -Ok, so you can talk in groups of three. -Choose 4-5 questions and tell your friends some funny story from your life.. Checking: - Are you going to write something? -Will you talk to your friends? If there is some time - give them feedback about mistakes.

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