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In this lesson,students practise asking and answering about prices/times through speaking and listening for specific details.As a warmer, I will use a short story about myself.I Ss will be involved in completing the information gaps in the story.This will be followed by a controlled practice where students ask/answer prices.The lesson will be finalized with free practice via a role-play speaking activity.


Abc role play cards,PPT,w/b,markers
Abc a purse,currency cut outs,items with price labels,a cinema ticket,time/price worksheet,

Main Aims

  • To practise time and price vocabulary to ask/answer in certain contexts

Subsidiary Aims

  • speaking for accuracy & listening for specific detail


Warm up (5 minutes) • To engage Ss in the topic

Before the T starts the story she shows a purse and elicits the word 'purse' .Give option-wallet (Am.E) T: What is in the purse?--S; Money.T:Do you have money? S-S: have you got money?(recap the language item learnt during last lesson)

Presentation (8-10 minutes) • To introduce vocab in a context

T;In my purse I have a .....(shows dollars,euros,pounds,cents and elicits these words).Drill these words. But I have problem.I haven't got liras.Where can I change them (gesture for 'change').Elicit the phrase 'change office' or 'exchange").If the Ss can't guess show the label with converted currencies. Yes,I went to the change office ( show the picture on PPT ) at 7.50 this morning ( elicit the time) but it was closed.(gesture 'closed'-elicit).Then I went again at 8.15 (elicit the time),It was closed.oh,then I saw that,,,,,,, ( show the next slide) the change office is open (elicit the answer) from 9.00 to 22.00. I will go there after the lesson.

Speaking and listening for a specific purpose (4-5 minutes) • To activate prior knowledge

T shows the objects labelled with price.Elicit the word 'price'.Write the word on w/b. Speak to your partner about the price of these and say whether it is expensive or cheap.( funny prices) FB ( S involvement)

Listening (8-10 minutes) • To listen and recognize the numbers

T groups the Ss ( 3 per group) by nominating A,B,C.Chest the HO first.Instructions:What is on the paper?Elicit.Listen to the times and prices other Ss say in your group.Look at your 'Hear" column( show it)If you hear it is your turn to say.Demonstrate the activity with Ss.-ICC. Monitor- make notes of errors for correction in FB. Write errors on w/b.After the activity is over, draw their attention to the errors,WC FB.

Free speaking practice (10-15 minutes) • To relate the TL to the real world situations.

Show 'cinema' picture on PPT. Elicit.Give the synonym- movie (Am.E) .Ask Ss whether they like to go to the cinema.Ask CCQ-s to elicit 'a ticket'.Show a ticket to the class.Elicit what they can see on a ticket.Title of a film,date,price,time?Where can you buy a ticket? T draws customers and a ticket seller on board.Elicit who they are.Once Ss find, ask "What are customers asking ticket seller?.Elicit the structure.the on w/b. Two tickets for........,please. How much is that? What time is the film? T:Now you will sell and others will buy cinema tickets.Nominate the Ss;customers and sellers. Give them the role play cards. -ICQ. Send the Ss to centers arranged beforehand.. If there are early finishers, send them to the center arranged beforehand to exchange the roles.(Keep a set of role cards there)

Closure (5 minutes) • To recap what Ss have learnt at the lesson ( time allotted)

Play a word game

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