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different ways of giving emphasis
B2 level


In this lesson, Ss are going to focus on different ways of giving emphasis. There will be a short discussion about losing stuff and how they feel about it. Later as a warm-up, Ss will be listening to a conversation with missing intensifiers to answer a gist question. As a second time listening, they will fill in the blanks which will lead them to focus on intensifiers and their use.As the focus of the lesson, there will be presentation of the intensifiers, their forms and meaning on he board. Soon after, as a controlled practice, Ss will have a matching practice in pairs. Finally, there will be a pronunciation task to focus on stress patterns of intensifiers.


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Main Aims

  • Functional language (different ways of giving emphasis)

Subsidiary Aims

  • Pronunciation (emphatic intensifiers)


warm up (4-4 minutes) • to generate a way to engage Ss attention

- Put the question (do you often lose things?) on the board. - Ask students to think about it and have a short discussion as WC.

Lead- in (5-6 minutes) • To introduce the conversation and go though it

- Refer to the picture on the page and ask for a description. - Ask Ss to listen to the conversation. - put them in pairs and ask them to check their answers. - check the answer as WC.

Pre- presentation (4-5 minutes) • To introduce the intensifiers in an indirect way

- Ask Ss to listen to the conversation again and write the missing words. - Put them in pairs and ask them to discuss the role of these words.

Presentation (9-10 minutes) • To introduce the intensifiers and their role in sentences

- Write some examples from the conversation with and without the intensifiers. (you can show the sentences through projector as well) - Show the place of the intensifiers in the sentences. - Elicit the structures before explaining. - Ask them to go through analysis part and do it alone. - Put them in pairs to check their answers. - Show the answers on the board and ask them to check.

Controlled- Practice (6-6 minutes) • To put the lesson already presented into practice and solve any problems remaining

- Change the seat of one student to change pair pattern. - Ask students to match the items in practice 1 individually. - Put them in pairs to check their responses.

Pronunciation (7-8 minutes) • to practice the stress pattern of emphatic words and how they carry the stress

- Put two sentences on the board. - Show that intensifiers are stressed when they appear in the sentences. - Drill these two sentences to practice the stress placed on the intensifiers.

Semi-controlled practice (5-6 minutes) • To put the lesson already learned into practice

- Ask Ss to go back to practice 1. - Put them in pairs and ask them to add intensifiers to each sentence. - Give them audio script HOs and ask them to check their responses. Explain answers can vary. (Their already responses are correct). - Play the audio and let them mark stressed intensifiers on the page. - Group Ss in two to practice each conversation with the appropriate stress pattern.

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