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MEF Preparatory Program Induction
All Levels level


In this induction students will get to know how our preparatory program works. They will be able to get hands on experience using de various elements of software and technology such as MyEnglishLab, BlackBoard, Gmail, Pearson e-Texts. Students will also get to know the academic and disciplinary elements in prep such as assessment, tasks, attendance, participation, tutorial time...


Abc Technology PREP induction
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Main Aims

  • To provide clarification and practice of the use of Gmail, Blackboard, and Pearson products in the context of MEF's preparatory Program

Subsidiary Aims

  • Ensure students have experienced the technology used at MEF and had the opportunity to troubleshoot any issues with the teacher.


Lead-in/Introduction (2-2 minutes) • Welcome students and establish

Welcome the students and introduce the following lesson. This is not a warm up as it's not the first lesson. Watch the first 30 second of the video and also introduce the following ideas: We are going to learn how to use the different technological elements It's important to listen and get this right Encourage students to ask if they have any doubts.

Wi-fi access (2-3 minutes) • Connect student devices to the internet

Following the video/slide ask the students to connect all their devices to the wi-fi Pause video between 00:30 and 00:42 so students have enough time to connect. Some students may not have a tablet, they can do most of the lesson on their smartphones. Troubleshoot any issues Name: MEF_STUDENTS Password: mefstd_2014

Gmail (3-5 minutes) • Assess students accessing gmail and setting a quick task/homework

Watch the video (00:42 - 00:53) and get students to follow. students go to username: (ex. hillb) password: given via SMS *We recommend students download the gmail app onto the devices (phone and tablet) **If students don't have a tablet they can use either a browser or an app on their phone TASK: Ask students to write an email to you (write your email on the board) talking about themselves and their interests.

Pearson Bookshelf App (6-7 minutes) • Download the app and the corresponding e-Texts

Students go to The access codes have already been setup and students have received their username and password via e-mail. There is a Pearson video in turkish explaining the registration and download of the bookshelf and books. They can download the Pearson eText 2.0 app on their devices. If a student doesn't have a device they can access and register using a web browser. Students who have a tablet should download the book. As this process can take a while we will look at the content towards the end of the lesson.

Blackboard (5-8 minutes) • Familiarise students with Blackboard and what it's for.

Ask all students to go to : Students can use both a browser and the blackboard app* Students log in: name and password are their surname+name's initial (ex. peeld) Give students 2 minutes to take a look and ask questions. Show/elicit students where they can access the following content. We recommend you project your own blackboard so they can follow your instructions -Pre-class tasks and content -Attendace -Grades -Announcements *Note that the app can't access and complete the daily tasks.

Blackboard Tasks (10-12 minutes) • Practice accusing content in Blackboard.

Make sure students are using blackboard on their browser and are on the home page. There are 2 sets of tasks 1. Students are given the task to find the following information: -Teacher's contact information -Gradebook -Latest announcement -Log out button 2. Ask students to find the pre-task and elicit the way to access the content. Together, projecting your Blackboard on the screen, do the first task. Watch the video and do one of the tasks. Make sure that students know where to find the content, see the deadlines and the save/submit button.

MyEnglishLab Access (5-6 minutes) • Make sure students access the content

Students go to on a browser on any device(phone or laptop that is available). Students don't have to register as and their login information has been sent to them via email. t There is a Pearson video in turkish explaining how to access and navigate MyEnglishLab.

MyEnglishLab Task (5-6 minutes) • Familiarise students with MyEnglishLab tasks

Together with students do an exercise. Project and guide the students showing your MyEnglishLab on the screen. ex: SpeakOut (starter) Lead-in Exercise 1A It's important to explain the importance of clicking submit

eText task (5-6 minutes) • For students to be able to navigate though the digital copy of the book

Earlier during the lesson students were given the task to download the e-books onto their bookshelf app. This is being done now as they might have taken a while to download. Students are asked to navigate and find the following units: Unit 3.1 Unit 10.2 Unit 7.2 Unit 4.1 Unit 1.2 Teacher can ask the students what can they see in the pictures, what is the writing or the grammar lesson about.

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