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Intermediate(B1) level


In this lesson students will learn some vocabulary related to news and then they will have a listening and writing.


Abc Insise Out- Intermediate- p.64-ex1
Abc Insise Out- Intermediate- p.64-ex2
Abc Insise Out- Intermediate- p.64-ex3
Abc Insise Out- Intermediate- p.64-ex4
Abc Gap filling HO
Abc pictures

Main Aims

  • To provide clarification, review and practice

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide gist listening practice using a text about news
  • To provide process and product writing paragraph


Warmer (2-4 minutes) • build a context

showing the picture of newspaper, article, headline, and elicit the words have a quick conversation about news reading and the language of the newspaper's headlines Why do you think their language is so strange? FB:writing the words of each picture on the board and whole class feedback about the newspaper language.

Speaking (2-4 minutes) • to lead in to the new lesson

T will give the students the headline of news articles and will ask them in pairs discuss ; what will the stories under these headlines be about?Which one will you read first? Why? FB: she will have a WC FB of the students' ideas.

Listening (10-12 minutes) • listen for gist

T will ask the students to listen to the text of the news (Track 22)and match the letter of each news with the headline number. they will check their answers with their partners. it will be played once more if most of the students don't answer to some questions for the first time. they will check their answers with their partners again . FB:T will check the answer with whole class and write it on the board.

Vocabulary-Matching words and pictures (3-5 minutes) • Introcucing the new vocabulary

in this activity Ss will match the pictures of exercise 1 of the book with newspaper headlines. Then they will check with a partner . FB: the teacher will give a WC feedback and write the answers on the board.

vocabulary (5-7 minutes) • practice of meaning

in this exercise Ss will match the words given to them with the underlined words of the newsaper headline. they will do it individually and check in pairs FB: then the teacher will give them the whole class feedback. teacher will ask CCQ to make sure their understanding of meaning.

gap filling vocab test (5-7 minutes) • practice of form (with a controlled activity)

in this stage they will practice the form of the target words by doing a gap-filling activity. They do it first individually and then check with the partner. FB: the teacher will give the WC FB on the board

if time -Writing a piece of news (10-12 minutes) • a semi controlled activity to produce language

if there is time , they will choose from one of the topics(headlines) of the ex.4 and in pairs first brainstorm ideas and then write their stories as radio news report. the teacher will monitor them and give feedback on their writings. She will also take notes of their common errors . She will select one or two pairs that have a good work and they will broadcast their news to the class. FB: the teacher will give a correction feedback of the common errors on the board.

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