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Elementary level


In this lesson, students will learn "free time activities" with the help of some pictures and they will have a matching activity. Thirdly, they will listen to two people and do a 'true-false' activity followed by a multiple choice one. After they have internalized the use of Simple Present nagative, they will do a speaking activity.


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Main Aims

  • To familiarize ss with Present Simple in negative form for I/youwe/they in the context of free time activities.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To intorduce the TL through a dialogue between acquaintances in the context of free time activities.


Lead In (2-3 minutes) • To guide students into the lesson

I will start with a personal story using the free time activities they will use in that lesson. I will use unfinished sentences to get their interest and elicit some of the activities they will learn.

Vocabulary (4-5 minutes) • To learn "free time activity" vocabulary

I will use a handout with "devoweled" activities on the left and activity pictures on the right. They will try to match the words with the pictures, when they are done, they will check with their friends and teacher will give feedback.

Speaking (1-2 minutes) • To make predictions

Students will make predictions about Tanya and Robert by looking at the printout that teacher is showing them.

Listening (7-8 minutes) • Listen for True or False sentences

I will give a handout with five sentences and five multiple choice questions on it. First they will fold the paper into two and read the sentences in the upper part, then after they listen, they will try to decide if they are true or false. First, they will check their answers with their friends then they will get teacher feedback. Secondly, They will listen for Tanya's answers and they will check in pairs, then teacher will give feedback

Speaking (1-2 minutes) • To check if they have understood the listening part.

I will say sentences starting "I'm Tanya". By saying true or false sentences I will check if they have understood.

Grammar (2-3 minutes) • To have students realize the word order for Simple Present negative

With a table with coloumns as subject, auxiliary, infinitive and completion part, Students will add two sentences in the table. After they check their answers with their pairs, teacher will give a feedback.

Pronunciation (1-2 minutes) • To stress and pronounce Simple Present negative

Students will drill the negative sencentes with the teacher.

Speaking (12-14 minutes) • To be able to write negative sentences in Simple Present tense and talk about free time activities.

Students will be given 4 sentences. They will read them and decide if they are true for their real life. If the sentence is true, they will put a tick, if not, they will make the sentence negative. After that, they will practice agreeing and disagreeing structure.

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