Raghad Raghad

Vocabulary Lesson
Intermediate level


In this lesson, students will learn the vocabulary of describing places through different picture of cities and also by giving the opposite and definitions. Then, they will be given a worksheet to match the city with its appropriate description. After that, students will listen to a description of citites and try to figure out which picture on page 126 is being described. Then they will listen again and try to tick the word they hear. Finally students will be divided into groups and write five descriptions of a city they know with clues about the city and then the other group will try to guess the city.


Abc Cutting Edge , white board, projector, handouts

Main Aims

  • To provide the students will the vocabulary of describing places and to practice the pronunciation of these words.

Subsidiary Aims

  • student will try to describe a place using the new vocabulary
  • students will try to guess the word and put it in sentences


lead-in • to introduce the vocabulary for the students

I will display some pictures of diffirent cities on the Project and studnts will try to guess which city is this. I will ask the students to describe these cities. SS will use the describing vocabulary to describe the cities.

Task • To describe new places

SS will work in pairs to write down the appropriate description that describes the city. SS check their answers with the teacher


SS will listen to a description of different places and then match it with the city individually. SS will listen again and cross the vocabulary they hear individually. SS will check their answers with their partner.

• Practice to use the vocabulary

SS will work with a group to write five descriptions about a city their know with a clue bout it. SS in the other group will figure out which city is this

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