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Reading lesson
starter level


In this lesson, students will be engaged in reading for gist and in detail. They will read about the family life of three people from different parts of the world; Japan, sudan and the USA. Some productive skills will be worked upon, they will write about their families and do a vocabulary matching exercise.


Abc HO, pictures of 3 people from Japan, Africa and the US.

Main Aims

  • Reading for gist and detail in the context of family and children.

Subsidiary Aims

  • writing in the context of family and children.


lead-in (5-10 minutes) • prepare context for the lesson.

- project pictures of different people; Japanese, African and American. - write questions 1-3 on board and students answer them in pairs. 1. where do they come from? 2.Are they old or young? 3.Are they students or married?

pre-reading (5-10 minutes)

-give HO,have them predict answers to ex. 1b in pairs. -read and find answers, check with partner

while reading (10-15 minutes) • read for details.

-give out ex 2 and 3, students predict answers individually. -check in pairs -feed back WC. -Students read the text again and check their answers. -check in pairs -WC feed back.

Post-reading (5-10 minutes) • vocabulary match

-Pass HO and pictures for students to do the task in pairs (demo first on board). -Pairs move around the class and check other pairs' answers. -WC feedback and pronunciation drilling if necessary.

-ask CCQ 1. where is Kumiko from? 2.How many brothers does she have? 3."Omer has no four children" correct or wrong? 4. Is Omer married? 5."Most people in USA have 2 children", correct? 6.Is Alex's family small?

Writing activity (10-15 minutes) • students write about their own families.

-Project Alex's picture. -Talk about myself using Alex's example. -Tell students to do the same. -give them time to write. -If time allows, have them read each others' texts for feedback.

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