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TP: 2a
Pre-Intermediate level


In this lesson, students will be focused using functional language related to 'invitation' and 'suggestions'. Activities will be prominently focused around the productive skill of speaking and using functional language.


Main Aims

  • Functional Language

Subsidiary Aims

  • To give sts semi-controlled speaking practice to develop their spoken accuracy.


Lead-in. (12-14 minutes) • To clarify the key words within the session of 'invitation' and 'suggestion'

Divide the class into two equal groups (A/B); choose one person from each group to sit with their backs to the WB. Students to play 'Back to the Board' with the two words 'invitation' and 'suggestion'. Before putting these two words on the WB, complete a demo round with a random word that they will all know (such as cafe or dog) use three volunteers to help you with this. Make it clear that they can not use the word when describing. Students to guess 'Invitation' and 'Suggestion': Line students up in their two groups in front of the person in the chair and get them to describe the word, swap the people describing to give everyone a chance to have a go. Ask person on the chair to try and guess the key words. Have a two minute countdown on the board so that the activity does not go on for too long. After activity, ask the person with their back to the board what the answer is. Complete WCFB and be sure to have clear and definite definitions of the key words. Have these written on the board for future reference. Ask students to think back to the previous lesson, which of the conversation is someone making a suggestion, which is someone inviting someone somewhere? Get student FB and give the students the correct answer with examples. 12 minutes max

Language focus (14-16 minutes) • Students to consider the use text to find examples of 'invitations' and 'suggestions'.

Link to previous activity and explain to students that they will be looking at language to make invitations and suggestions using phone call 1. Show the students the transcript from the phone call 1 on WB. Explain that I want them to underline the language in which shows someone is making an invitation, suggestion or response (explain and clarify the word 'response') Do one example on the WB. HO transcript: ask sts to do GW (table groups) to complete task- give a maximum of 3 minutes. Monitor and write up on WB useful language. Ask students to come to the WB and complete the activity on WB. Clarify anything that the students may be confused on using MFP. Time: 12- 27 minutes into the lesson.

Controlled Practice (16-18 minutes) • To check sts understanding of verb form

Show students the activity 2a. on the WB. Explain that we will be consider the correct verb form in each sentence. Do an example of the board using WC to elicit correct answer (explain if necessary that there is no rule for this and that sts will just need to learn the correct form, reassure that this will come with time). Give sts 2 minutes to complete task before giving the answer on a sheet for students to check their own work. Extension activity: Sts to start practising using the vocab, speaking to each other using the list sentences in exercise 2a. Prior to activity 3a, stick up verb forms around the room on difference walls. Sts to complete activity 3a as GW and WC activity. Put students in groups of 3 (dependent on WC size, these may differ) and name the students 1-3. Explain the activity clearly and with checking for clarity. Explain that we will be placing the correct verb form into a sentence and that they will be working in teams to complete this. Show PP on the WB and do example (0) as WC demo. Show the test sentence and ask everyone to stand next to the correct verb form in the room. Ask students to sit down again. Explain that we will play this game and the first person from each group to go to the correct form will gain a point for the team. Read the following 6 sentences giving students time to read and discuss with their team before moving to the correct verb form. Complete on answers with FB on WB. Give each group once response to put in the correct place within the dialogue. Read through once as WC and ask students to highlight to you unfamiliar language- write up on board and complete drilling. Students to practice dialogue in pairs. Semi-Controlled extension activity: If time, give each students a place card (e.g. Cinema, park, dinner), ask students to walk around inviting or suggesting each other to these events with an appropriate response too.

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