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G6 Sem 1 Week 12
Grade 6 level


Students review a lot of vocab and use it to construct as...as sentences


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Main Aims

  • enable students to make comparisons using as...as in the context of animals

Subsidiary Aims

  • students learn some more animal/adjective vocab


intro (4-4 minutes) • get kids excited about the topic

you can ask one or two students "what's your birth year animal?" They will probably all have the same one or two. Play the song.

vocab review (6-8 minutes) • review vocab that students should mostly know but will need for the activities

Go through the slides quickly. Try to elicit, and if everyone knows it drill maybe once as a class, then move on. Between the adjectives and the animals there are 22 words, most of which the students should already know. Only pause if it's a word that the students clearly don't know - for example, they might not know "brave". Don't worry about writing each word because they are written on the slides.

grammar intro (6-8 minutes) • students learn/review the as...as comparison

The next slide has a lot of sentences with as...as where the animal and adjective are left for the students to fill in. Either demo or get a strong student to demo, then let students say these to each other in pairs. After get several students to come up and say their sentences in front of the class.

Controlled Activity (10-12 minutes) • students practice the fine points of the grammar (where to put words like a/an, the, etc.)

Call up a group of 5-6 students and give them one person, one animal, one adjective, and the rest of the words. There are extras they will not use. Students should put these on the board in the right order with magnets. If there are no magnets, they can stand in a row and hold them up. Ask the rest of the class, good or bad. If bad, call on individuals to fix it until it is good. Repeat and try to get the whole class to participate at least once.

Uncontrolled Activity (12-16 minutes) • students write a paragraph about their family and share it

Show the example slide and have students read through it. Then move on or they will copy the example. The last slide has all the words. Students should write a short paragraph about their family and other people they know (mom, dad, grandparents, siblings, friends, etc.) Have several students read theirs aloud to the class.

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