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Jobs lesson, Present Simple of the Verb 'Be'
Beginner level


In this lesson Ss will review and consolidate what they have learned in previous lessons. They will have controlled written practise of the target language, progressing onto to freer tasks. The tasks focus on the verb 'be' in present simple tense. Vocabulary based on peoples' jobs will be used throughout the lesson and built upon.


Abc Write the jobs!
Abc Fill in the Blanks
Abc Make the Sentences
Abc His / Her name's?

Main Aims

  • To provide review of the present simple verb "be" & related affirmative questions in the context of he's a doctor / where's Natalie?

Subsidiary Aims

  • Class photo to remember Ss names.
  • To practise and develop vocabulary in context to job names.


Before Class (0-0 minutes) • Prepare the Classroom

Pin up all necessary material on walls / board. Organise other materials in chronological order.

Warmer/Lead-in Part 1 (1-3 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students

"Good morning! How are you?" - Repeat and obtain responses from a few students. "What's your name?" "What's my name? Do you remember?" - Repeat and obtain responses from a few students. "My name is Toby." - Hold up my name card.

Warmer/Lead-in Part 2 (1-2 minutes) • To memorise students names.

Get the students to make their own name cards. Gesture to the students to stand up and pose for a photo holding their name cards. Get students to sit back down

Warmer/Lead-in Part 3 (2-2 minutes) • To provide context for the target language through casual conversation.

"I'm a teacher." "What's your job?" - Ask another teacher. "What's your job?" - Ask all students, one by one. "My name's Toby and I'm a teacher." - Elicit similar sentences from some students. If students struggle, encourage them to ask their peers.

Task 1, Write the Jobs! (5-6 minutes) • To provide context for the target language through pictures and the task 'write the job'.

Pictures have been placed on the walls around the classroom. There is a bigger picture on the WB. I will hand out the question sheet to each student. We will do the 1st example (on the WB) as a WC. I will ask CCQs. "Is he a teacher?" "Is he a police officer?" I will gesture to stand up, spread out and walk around the room, to fill in the answers. After a few minutes I will gesture and tell them to sit back down. We will do a quick review and make any necessary corrections as a WC.

Task 2 'Fill in the blanks' Part 1 (3-4 minutes) • Review and practise target language.

Enlarged picture 1 on WB. Get the students to read 1st sentence "What's his name?" Circle apostrophe if it's being mispronounced. Elicit the answer for second question and drill the 's Hand out the exercise and gesture for them to complete it secretly.

Swap places (1-2 minutes) • To encourage students to get to know each other better and create a better classroom rapport

Gesture for everyone to stand up, select a few students to find an alternative partner

Task 2 'Fill in the blanks' Part 2 (8-11 minutes) • To clarify the meaning, form and pronunciation of the target language

Students form pairs and compare their answers, correcting their own work. Hand students the answer key and get them to practise the conversation. Invite some pairs to come up and read their conversations in front of the WC Correct any pronunciation as necessary.

Task 3a - Make the Sentences - Part 1 (2-3 minutes) • To demonstrate the task

I pin up the first sentence "Is Bruce from Australia?" (in the wrong order) on the WB. I elicit from the class the correct order by making gestures and asking CCQs: Is this right? What's wrong with this sentence? Where does this word go? Students (hopefully) rearrange the words & punctuation in the right order.

Task 3a - Make the Sentences - Part 2 (4-7 minutes) • Students become more proficient forming sentences in present simple with the verb "be"

I hand out the strips of paper to pairs of students. They arrange the sentences in the correct order. We go through the answers as a whole class (WC)

Free Practice (His / her name's .........) (3-6 minutes) • Free practise of TL. Present simple. Get the students to experiment.

I hold up a drawing of a stick man / woman with blank captions underneath. I say "his name's ....., I don't know?" Gesture... Maybe John, maybe Tufan, maybe Peter "He's a ..........." -teacher -police officer "He's from ..........." I hand out task to class and gesture for them to invent a character. In pairs the students talk about their characters.

Plan B - Leftover Time (0-0 minutes) • To introduce 7 more job words to students

Similar to task 1, I will hold up pictures of other jobs to try and elicit the name from stronger students. Jobs will be: Astronaut, farmer, postman, artist, nurse, vet, fireman. I will use drilling to practise pronunciation and create familiarity.

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