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Copy of text-based presentation for grammar "used to"
intermediate level


n this lesson, students will be shown some pictures related to their childhood time to generate their interest on the topic of school days. students will start by practicing listening for gist and for details in the context of old school days. Then, teacher will use one of the lines from the listening track as a marker sentence on the board to start the clarification stage (MFP). After that, students will be provided with some activities to practice the rule of "used to".


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Main Aims

  • To provide clarification and practice to the rule of "used to" in the context of childhood memories.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide listening for gist and details in the context of old school days


Lead-in (5 minutes) • to generate students' interest in the topic.

-Teacher greets Ss and asks how they are doing. -Teacher shows Ss some pictures that are related to childhood games and asks them if they remember them or not. -Teacher asks Ss about what other memories do they remember from their childhood.

exposure (8-10 minutes) • To expose Ss to the target language in a context.

* listening for gist: -Teacher tells Ss they are going to listen to a song and play the song on speakers. -Teacher then asks Ss to tell him/her the main idea of the song or what it talks about. *listening for details: -Teacher gives Ss a "fill in the gaps activity" of the song lyrics to fill with the right verb from the table. -Teacher monitors. -Teacher asks Ss to check their answers in pairs. -Teacher then plays the song to make Ss check their answers. -Teacher gives the feedback.

Highlight language (5 minutes) • To highlight the target language in context.

-Teacher makes Ss into two groups of three. -Teacher gives Ss a question about how the writer of the song feels about his schoolyard days and what lines show that he was happy/sad to discuss it together. -Teacher monitors Ss. -Teacher elicit the marker sentence from the students' answer and writes it on the board. (we used to cry a lot)

Clarify language (meaning) (3-4 minutes) • to provide clarification of the meaning of TL

-Teacher writes another sentence in the past simple on the board ( I cried that day ). -Teacher points to each sentence on the board and asks the following questions: is it the present or past? did it happen once or many times? did it stop or still happening in the present? - If Ss don't answer, teacher will use cards and ask Ss to choose the right answers for the previous CCQs. -Teacher elicits the use of "used to" by asking Ss "when do we use "used to"? -If Ss don't answer, Teacher uses cards to make Ss choose the right answer and stick it on the board.

Clarify language (form) (3-4 minutes) • to provide clarification of the form of TL

-Teacher wipes the second sentence ( I cried that day). -Teacher tries to elicit the structure of the rule of "use to" from Ss (uses cards to choose the right answer if they face any difficulty). -Teacher sticks cards on the board to form the following structure. {subject + used to + base verb +.........}.

practice for the meaning and form (5 minutes) • to ensure that Ss understood the meaning and the form of the grammatical rule.

-Teacher sets the task for Ss before giving them the hand out for the task. -Teacher monitors Ss. -Teacher asks Ss to check their answers in pairs. -Teacher answer the questions with Ss.

Clarify language (phonology) (3 minutes) • to provide clarification of the pronunciation of TL.

-Teacher plays a video of people using "used to" in real life to clarify the natural pronunciation of the rule. -Teacher asks Ss if those people pronounced "used to" as two sounds or as one "usedto". -Teacher drills the following sentence with Ss ( I used to have a car ).

speaking practice (7-10 minutes) • to provide and opportunity for Ss to use the target language

-Teacher makes Ss into 2 groups in 3. -Teacher gives each group 5 questions about childhood and asks them to discuss them to get to know each other well. -Teacher monitors Ss. -Teacher asks each S about what she/he got to know about the childhood of their partners. -Teacher gives Ss a chance to ask him/her about his/her childhood.

Feedback (5 minutes) • to praise good use of TL & to correct errors in TL use

answer any questions about the rule and to correct Ss mistakes.

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