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places in a town/the country
Elementary A2 level


In this lesson the students are going to speak about places in cities/countries through semi-controlled and freer practice by using target vocabulary there is /there are. Vocabulary related with places will be drilled by pronunciation and used in description of the places.


Main Aims

  • speaking through semicontrolled and freer practice

Subsidiary Aims

  • lexis/vocabulary drilling/practice writing using tararget vocabulary


warm-up/lead in (5-7 minutes) • to get students interesed in topic

Stick the pictures of interesting or favorite places/cities/towns of Turkey to the wall. Ask the students to move around the class, work in pairs and choose any place they like and guess which city it is. Let the students to discuss the place they have chosen and discuss it in pairs why they like it/don’t like it. Write on the board expressions like I like Istanbul because … I don’t like Istanbul because … The teacher is monitoring discussion observing pairs.

language focus /revision and pronunciation (5-7 minutes) • controlled practice/drilling

1) variant Stick some pictures on the board. Hand out some words from Ex 10, p 39 on a piece of stripes/ hide them under the tables. Ask the students to come to the board and match the words with picture. Let him pronounce. Drill the words by pronunciation of some words solo, groups, choral. Mountains /ˈmaʊntɪnz/ squares /skweərs/ an open area with buildings around it, often in the centre of a town: beautiful squares expensive /ɪkˈspensɪv/ restaurants museum/mjʊˈzi•əm/ cafes /ˈkæfeɪs/ hotels /həʊˈtels/ big hotels choose some of these words for frilling.

speaking (10-12 minutes) • speaking for accuracy through semicontroled and freer practice

Ask the students work in pairs. Tell them that they will get some handouts with the words they see on the board and they need to discuss which places they have or don’t have in their favorite city and circle them. Handouts worksheets. Ask the students to discuss their cities with other pair. Ask them to sit in circles. Note that they need to use sentences like there is/are There is/there isn’t ask questions like are there/is there...? Write these expressions on the board. There are beautiful squares in Istanbul like…(if they know the names)

personalisation (7-10 minutes) • speaking for fluency through controlled practice

Choose one of your group’s places and tell them why you want to go there. Ask the students do the same. use the sentences like: I want to go to Bursa because there are.....

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