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Intermediate level


In this lesson, ss will read about a mysterious story of two brothers who were separated long ago and how they.


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Main Aims

  • Grammar - Reported speech

Subsidiary Aims

  • Reading


Lead-in (5-7 minutes) • To set a context and get SS's interest and attention.

*Show a picture of Bermuda triangle and ask "Do you know what's this?". Elicit answers from ss. Ask "What do we know about it?", "Do we know where does ships/airplanes go when they disappear?" "Since nobody knows about it, it's a ....?" (Mystery) "Is it imaginary?" (True story) * Ask ss to discuss in groups "Do you know any other mysteries?" FB. *To predict the text topic, show pictures of a tattooed hand and a note and allow ss to discuss in pairs their predictions.

Reading (4-6 minutes) • To present the language in a context.

*SS have a look at the questions then read part 1 to answer them. Peer check *SS put sentences in order to finish the story. Group check

Highlighting target language (3-5 minutes) • A guiding task for TL

*Using a picture of a secretary and Mr findlater on the phone, T asks "What did Mr Findlater say on the phone?" Elicit from SS answers then draw their attention to the change. T asks "What did you do with the sentence?" (Reported/indirect speech)

Clarifying the meaning (8-10 minutes) • Highlight meaning, pronunciation and form

*Highlight the meaning "Why do we use the reported speech?" CCQ: can we report an affirmative sentence? What do we report exactly? *Pronunciation, T asks a ss to read a sentence n°7, "What did she say on the phone to Mr Findlater?". T highlights the intonation and drill the sentence [She said that he had a tattoo of an owl on his hand] with backchaining. *To highlight the form, ss on their papers/notebooks, write the direct speech of the sentences provided in part2 of the text. Do the first example on the board and underline the tenses to emphasize the shift. Then SS finish the table on p106 to know how to use tenses. (with the teacher's help if necessary)

Controlled practice (7-10 minutes) • To give ss opportunities to practice language.

*SS stand in a line, they're going to report speech to each other. SS1 says a speech and SS need to report it to each other and the last one should write what he received. Then the last SS should go the first and restart

Freer Practice (7-10 minutes)

T will provide different topics and ss will pick randomly. SS can prepare their speeches about the topic they picked. SS will be divided into three groups, two people talking and a messenger. The messenger will report their speeches. Then switch roles, one of the talkers becomes a messenger.

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