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TP 7
Elementary level


In this guided discovery lesson students learn about the Present Continuous with an action.


Abc action pictures
Abc HO Present Continuous Form
Abc Crossword Puzzle
Abc Postcard
Abc Practice Worksheet
Abc Charade Flashcards

Main Aims

  • To provide clarification of the present continuous tense in the context of letters/postcards

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide accuracy speaking practice in a charade game in the context of action verbs in Present Continuous


Lead-in (1-2 minutes) • to connect the last lesson with this one and to introduce the topic of "Present Continuous"

I will ask the ss if the remember last lesson`s letter: What was it about?

Activities that I am doing at the moment (5-10 minutes) • Introducing Present Continuous

I will write : "I AM WRITING." on the board. Then I`ll say it. I will sit and I´ll say: "I AM SITTING." Then I will point at one ss and say: "HE IS SITTING." I will stand up and say: "I AM STANDING." I will make one ss stand up and elicit: "SHE IS STANDING." Then I will pair them and show them the action pictures. "WHAT ARE THEY DOING?" DISCUSS WITH YOUR PARTNERS.

Discovering Present Continuous (HO Present Continuous Form) (5-8 minutes) • To elicit how to built positive/negative/interrogative sentences

SS will get the HO w/ meaning, function and form of P.C. I will ask the ss to FILL IN THE BLANKS, we`ll do 1 example together. Then I will ask them to PEER-CHECK their answers. I will nominate the ss who made it right to fill in the blanks on the board for feedback. I`ll write or project 1 positive, 1 negative and 1 interrogative example on the board. Possible CCQs: 1. Do we use Present Continuous for the present or the past? Present. 2. Do we add –ing to the base verbs? Yes. 3. Are we doing these things at the moment? Yes. 4. Do we put the to-be form first in a question? Yes I will ELICIT STRESS, add linking if there is any and then DRILL by BACKCHAINING.

Crossword Puzzle (Controlled Practice 1) (3-5 minutes) • to use Present Continuous

I will group them (3-4ss. per group). Then I will show the HO and do 1 example together. Each group will get 1 crossword puzzle to make sure they work as a group. They will check with the other groups. The answer key will be outside on the glasswall.

Practice Worksheet (Controlled Practice 2) (3-5 minutes) • to use the Present Continuous

I will show the Ho, we`ll do 1 example together. Then they will work individually and peer-check. The answers will be outside the classroom doors.

Postcard (Controlled Practice 3) (3-5 minutes) • to use the Present Continuous

I will pair them. Then I`ll show them the HO. We will do 1 example together. Each pair will get 1 postcard. The ss will fill in the blanks at the board for feedback.

Follow-up: Charade (5-10 minutes) • to use Present Continuous

I will divide the ss into 2 groups and then I will explain the rules. 1. 1 student will show/mime 1 action verb from one of the cards. 2. The group who guesses right first, wins. 3. You have to guess IN A SENTENCE like: HE IS RUNNING. Other answers will not count. ICQs to make sure they understood: 1. Can you say: run? No. 2. Can you say: He is running? Yes. 3. Can you say it in Turkish? No. I will note good and bad examples for a delayed feedback

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