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TP 7 Speaking
Pre-intermediate level


Who People Are


Main Aims

  • To provide speaking practice for conversational fluency in the context of describing people.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To practise the use of prepositions and -ing verb forms in speaking about people.


Lead-in (3 minutes) • To contextualise the lesson and activate background knowledge

Students comment briefly on photo of group picnic from SB Outcomes, p.53.

Content Preparation (5 minutes) • To allow learners to come up with ideas and/or concepts which support the completion of the task

T presents an image of a character called Nick. Learners volunteer their own observations about him, which T adds on stickies to Jamboard.

Language Preparation (6 minutes) • To provide input on useful language which can help learners complete the speaking task

Guided Discovery in pairs. Learners fill in sentences describing Nick using suggested words. T conducts OCFB and collects ideas from entire class. Teacher clarifies MAFP of the language, highlighting use of prepositions and -ing form of verbs.

Speaking Task (20 minutes) • To provide opportunities for learners to practice speaking for fluency in a communicative manner

Learners complete 2 x 10-min Speaking Tasks in pairs, while T monitors and takes DEC notes. (1) Instructions: "Think of a person you know. It can be a friend, family member, or someone from school, work, or other activities. Tell your partner about them." (2) Instructions: Choose a photo of a person. Use one from your mobile phone or from in the house. Just hold it to the camera. Your partner should start with Who's that? Continue the conversation with at least FOUR more questions about the picture and the person." T demonstrates with own picture (Jamboard slide 3) and selected student.

Feedback on Content and Language (6 minutes) • To provide feedback on the learners’ contributions with accurate and inaccurate samples of learners’ language

T asks questions related to the completion of the task and relevant aspects of their interaction. T writes on board sentences (both accurate and inaccurate) and highlights areas of grammar, lexis, pronunciation, appropriacy, etc.

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