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Dilemmas: speaking and listening
Intermediate B1 level


Main Aims

  • To provide fluency speaking practice in a discussion about the best choice in dilemmas
  • To provide Ss with gist and detailed listening practice through the context of dilemmas

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide gist reading practice using a text "At a Crossroads" in the context of dilemmas


Lead-in (3-4 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students

1. T asks Ss to write their dilemmas on small coloured papers. And keep them. 2. T writes "At a crossroad" and asks what it means. If Ss cannot get the meaning T shows the pic.

Reading for gist (3-6 minutes) • To practice Ss gist reading skills

1. T says SS will read a small text about a dilemma and try to think about an advice they can give. T gives copies to Ss. 2. Ss read a text. 3. Ss discuss what advice they might give and give reasons in groups 4. WC FB

Discussion & personalisation (6-8 minutes) • to practice speaking skills and make students more familliar and personal to the topic.

1. T. re-groups SS according to coloured papers: 2. Ss discuss in pairs their own dilemmas and decide who has the most difficult decision to make. 3. WC FB

Pre- Listening (6-8 minutes) • To lead-in to the context of reading.

1. T shows the picture for the listening and asks questions where are the people? who do you think they are? How do they fill? T elicits some ideas as WC 2. T writes names Dave & Derek on wb and says Derek has a problem. 3. In pairs, Ss discuss what they think his problem might be. 4. T takes FB and writes a few ideas on the wb. 5. T pre-teaches vocab

Listening for gist (6-8 minutes) • Give Ss general idea about conversation, practice gist listening.

1. T. asks Ss to check their ideas and plays a part of the audio until the line " Well, Japan's such a long way......" 2. Ss listen and identify Derek's problem & see if their predictions are correct. 3. T pauses audio. Ss in groups discuss their answers. 4. T takes FB on the wb

Detailed listening (10-14 minutes) • Practice listening for specific information

1. T gives instructions to focus on questions 1-4 2. T gives h/o to Ss. If Ss can remember the answers they fill in the task. And then Ss listen again and check. 3. WC FB 4. Ss GW discuss their ideas what will Dereck decide. WC FB. T writes the answers on wb. 5. Ss read questions 5-8. Ss listen to the audio. Ss answer the questions. Ss check answers in pairs. 6. WC FB. If Ss cannot answer, T plays parts of the recording.

Freer speaking (5-7 minutes) • To make Ss express their opinion about Derek's dilemma

1. GW SS discuss their ideas about what Derek should do. 2. WC FB

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