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Main Aims

  • To find specific information through scan reading practice using a text about an actor's life in the context of daily routines.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide clarification
  • To teach vocabulary revolving around daily routines in a context about a film actor and through a website.


Warm up (4 minutes) • To get the students to talk and to elicit the subject

- Raising the curiosity of the students about the TL by asking students about their daily routine during the 2 weeks they have been coming to the ITI. What time do they come to class every day? what do they do before it? what time do they have lunch? how about before lunch?..... - Preset up projection for the vocabulary from the website:

Eliciting (8 minutes) • Eliciting the words through pictures with practicing pronunciation

_Elicit the words through the pictures, words, and pronunciation on the website....Students will listen to the pronunciation and repeat. This is a very direct and simple way to elicit the vocabulary for daily routines. Coming from the CONCEPT to the WORDS. They will see the picture and link it with the word.

Personalize (5 minutes) • linking to their own daily routine

_Demo for myself. _Then ask students to do the same in groups: Students speak about their own daily routines using the words taught from the website.

Controlled Practice (4 minutes) • Having more practice with vocab

_ Giving students the HO 1 from the book Face2face to match the words with the pictures. _ Individual work. Then checking answers in GW. _Make sure they aren't adding extra words. example: If you hear "get to home" -----> drill GET HOME with fingers.

Testing (5 minutes) • CCQs for vocab comprehension

_ Multiple choice matching pictures and vocab. _ Depending on the time and the students' comprehension ---> cut short.

Categorizing (4 minutes) • putting the words in right time groups

_ Writing four columns on the whiteboard for 'in the morning', 'in the afternoon', 'in the evening' and 'at night'. _ Asking students to put the words from the HO 1, page 22 in the right columns. Make distinction between MORNING, AFTERNOON, EVENING, and NIGHT. And the prepositions. AT versus IN. _Asking the students by writing on the board, 'Who is a morning person?' _ Filling in the HO, while one of the students writing the answers on the board.

Introducing the word Actor (2 minutes) • Eliciting the subject of the reading

_ Showing a photo of a Turkish actor on the board through projector. _ Asking questions, who is he? what you know about his life? You think what time he gets up? what time he starts work? What time he finishes work?

Reading (7 minutes) • Scan the paper to answer Q.

_ Introducing the 'Sam Dane', an actor from the movie 'Good Times, Bad Times'. _ Give the students the HO 2 from the face to face book, p.22 _ Asking them to read the Ho. _Feedback. Write times on the WB (5:00, 5:15, 5:30....) and have students write down on their HO the appropriate event from the reading.

Freer practice of TL (6 minutes) • To check student's comprehension

_ Instruct Ss that they will work in pairs to answer true or false to the sentences on HO 2. _ They will correct the false sentences. _ Depending on time, one of the students can write the answers on the board.

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