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speaking and reading
pre-intermediate level


in this lesson aimed at practicing speaking and reading, students look at embarrassing situations and behavior. They read other people's embarrassing accounts and get the opportunity to share their own stories about embarrassment.


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Main Aims

  • To give students practice in reading for gist, specific information and detail in the context embarrasing memories and stories.

Subsidiary Aims

  • speaking and vocabulary


lead-in (6 minutes) • to set the lesson context and engage students

greet the class show a picture of an embarrassing situation ask students what they think is going on explain the word embarrass if still not clear tell own story relating to the picture on display after the story ask students about what you might have felt, whether good or bad.

exposure (6 minutes) • to provide context for the TL through activities and examples of situations

introduce task and explain internet forum students will work in pairs for the 1st task a list of embarrassing situations for students to look at they discuss and choose the ones they find to be most embarrassing ask students/pairs to share their thoughts

pre-reading lead-in (5 minutes) • pre teach halloween, costume hire, ringtone

display/handout images of Halloween. solicit from students what they might know about it make the link between halloween and costumes.

reading (8 minutes) • students read for gist- match 3 to task 1

students work on exercise 2 individually monitor individuals and make sure they understand solicit answers/responses

second read (10 minutes) • reading for specif imformation- to answer questions

students read to answer questions they write answers down individually. move on to work in pairs to compare answers and discuss ask students their opinions on Halloween; would they like to go to a halloween party or celebrate halloween?

discussion (10 minutes) • prompt students to speak and share personal experiences

show pictures of embarrassing moments. ask students what they can say about the 3 images displayed. move on to pair the students students share their own or other people's embarrassing experiences. how did they feel after the incident?

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