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Food and Drinks
Elementary level


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Main Aims

  • By the end of the lesson will have practised countable and uncountable nouns phrases using much, many, some and any in the context of food shopping

Subsidiary Aims

  • Ss will have practised listening for specific information in the context of shopping for food


Lead-in (5-6 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students

Introduce Piers and mom( show picture) -Where are they? (supermarket)) -What are they doing? (shopping) >> shopping cart -Does the boy look happy? (no) Do you think enjoys shopping with his mom? (no) -What about do you enjoy shopping with your parents? Listening: Listen and tick the things Piers mom bought from the list Play listening Feedback + Answers on OHP -Remember Ghada's lesson yesterday? What did you learn with her? (Countable/Uncountable nouns) Write C(countable), U(uncountable) for each item on the list. You have 20 secs. Go!

Language focus (10-12 minutes) • Present target language and clarify meaning

- "How much is it all?" What is she asking about?(price/money) Is money countable?(no) >> We use MUCH when talking about uncountable things "How much pounds is it ?" What do you think of this question? What did she ask about?(the number of pounds) , Can we count pounds?(yes) >> We use MANY when talking about countable things. OHP: Pic of oranges and bread: What do you see? MAke a sentence using many/much starting with "There's .............. on the table". There is one word we use for both countable and uncountable nouns instead of many/much. Does anyone know? (SOME) We use some for BOTH countable and uncountable nouns. Is the sentence postive or negative? (positive) >>We use SOME with postive sentenes. Pic of empty table: Ask a question about oranges using some (write on board) Q:Are there some oranges on the table? A: There aren't some oranges on the table. Is this a positive sentence?(no) When do we use some? (positive sentences) Is some correct here? (no) >>> Introduce ANY We use ANY for negative sentences and questions. - Stick two sentences on WB : - Can/Could I have some milk, please? ( Elicit request) - Would you like/ Do you want some biscuits? (Elicit offer) Exception for questions: We use SOME for a request and an offer (Give ss Flashcard to stick on board)

controlled practice (10-12 minutes) • To provide ss with controlled practice of much, many, any, some in order to encourage accuracy

Controlled practice 1 (Much/Many) : Activity 1: Let me check a few words with you first. (Show dinars>>> elicit word coins) (picture of petrol station>> petrol) -Give each group an enveloppe( I haven't got many, I haven't got much, + 12words) - Put the words into the correct groups -Competition in groups. Whichever group finishes first with no mistakes gets a prize. Ready? GO! Controlled practice 2( Some/Any) : Activity 2 (HO1) - Complete with some/ any -Let's do the first one together. - Give ss time to do activity - Peer check - Whole class feedback ( answers on OHP) - Ask about number 3 (positive sentence) ,5 (offer) , 10 (request)

Freer practice (12-15 minutes) • to promote fluency when using much,many, any, some

Let's practise some speaking On this table, you will each find a card with your name on it. Inside the card, you will find your favorite thing to eat (hopefully I paid good attention yesterday and got them right) - you also have an empty shopping list ( you have to write down the things you need to buy to cook that meal) - In case you don't how to cook, you can ask our lovely class chef Ines, she once said she cooks very well. - You will have some items on the board to help you. - After completing your shopping list,you will go to the supermarket to buy things. - and because I like you all, I'm going to be the stallholder. - you will ask me questions about the things on your list: demonstrate: (stick questions on the board) For sugar: (elicit questions from ss) - Can I have some sugar, please? Or - Do you have any sugar? Or - I'd like some sugar please Price: - How much is that, please? Feedback: Did you buy everything you need from the supermarket? Can you cook your meal or not? What didn't you find? Delayed correction.

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