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Upper-Intermediate level


In this lesson: Ss will have a lead-in about advertisements. To prepare them for the text, T will elicit the new vocabulary and Ss will predict the topic of listening. Ss will listen to a short listening to answer a question for gist and for listening for details, Ss will listen to the whole task to answer two questions. For post listening "free practice", Ss will make a discussion about their favourite advertisement. There will be a feedback after the discussion.


Abc Headway Upper intermediate p.107, student book. Liz & John Soars, 2019. Oxford University Press.
Abc Power Point slides (Teacher made)
Abc The audio Headway_5e_Upper_Intermediate_SB_Track 9.6.

Main Aims

  • • For students to practice listening for gist and details in the context of "Advertisements".

Subsidiary Aims

  • • By the end of this lesson, Ss will be able to speak about advertisements in the context of “Advertisements".”.


Lead-in (2-3 minutes) • To engage students.

-T greets Ss and shows Ss a picture about advertisements. -Ss are given two minutes to discuss the picture. - T elicits from the answers that Ss have an idea about the topic.

Pre-teaching vocabulary (4-7 minutes) • To prepare students for the text and make it accessible

-T show 4 different words related to the listening. -T elicits from the students the meanings of the 4 vocabulary items. -T asks CCQ’s on the 4 different vocabulary items. - T has Ss repeat pronunciation, showing the written form along with its stress.

While-Listening Activity- (Gist) (8-10 minutes) • To practice listening for specific information in the audio.

-T gives Ss a question to listen to five people talking about five different kinds of advertisements. . -Ss listen to the audio and put the headings in order at the first column. - Ss discuss their answers in pairs. - T shows Ss the answers after they finish.

While-Listening Activity- (Listening for details) (12-15 minutes) • To gain a deeper understanding of the listening.

T asks Ss to listen to the whole task of the audio and answer the questions at SB p.67 Ex. 6.9. Ss check the answers with their partners in breakout rooms. T asks Ss to listen again to the same whole task of the audio and check their answers. T checks the answers.

Post-Listening (8-10 minutes) • To give Ss a chance to practice speaking skills based on their understanding of the listening.

T asks Ss to think of the question 1 at p.76. T asks Ss to discuss the answer in groups with their classmates. Ss say their discussions in front of the other classmates. T gives Ss their feedback.

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