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Teaching Practice for TP 2b
Upper Intermediate level


This lesson from the Workbook maintains the general theme of the Unit-Alive and Well- but moves to a more personalized task. The T will elicit answers for the question 'What things do you expect about a friend you haven't been in touch for a long time'.Ss will read the letter for gist. After that, Ss wil work in pairs to match the topics to the paragraphs. Ss will focus in ex.5 on the features of writing.Next, Ss will be given some time to prepare their ideas and work alone to think about who they will write to.A group will be later to check their answers and include them in the letter. Ss will be given a hint about the writing format of a personal letter. After writing their own letters, they'll swap them to check their peer's errors.


Abc Reading for gist Global Upper Intermediate, Workbook Unit 1 p7 ex 2
Abc Features of writing matching cut-ups
Abc Writing power point slide 10, 11

Main Aims

  • To give Ss practice in writing letters/e-mails to friends to keep in touch.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To give Ss practice in reading for gist and detail. To review/extend Ss' awareness of features of and useful language in an informal letter/e-mail.


Lead-in (5-7 minutes) • To warm up Ss and let them engage in the topic this lesson

I'll show the Ss 3 friendship pictures, and ask them directly about these friends if they are in touch or not. Then, I'll let them in pairs discuss the situation "If you have a friend you haven't seen or heard from for a long time, what things do you expect to find in a letter or email from this person? " Take the FB in a shape of circle on the board in which "things you'd expect to find in friend you haven't been in contact for a long time" .Ss will give their answers such as, family news, got a new job, moved to a new city.... etc.

Reading (5-7 minutes) • Reading for gist

I'll give the Ss the letter and ask them to read it and see if it includes their ideas. Ss will check in pairs their answers and FB will be taken.

Detail (5-7 minutes) • Reading for specific information

Ss work in pairs on ex 3 to match the topics to the paragraphs. Next,Ss check their answers with other pairs, and they'll give their FB.

Features of writing (5-7 minutes) • The format of informal / personal letter

Ss work in groups to match the expressions and their functions onto flash cards. FB. The whole class will discuss ex 6. T will elicit from the Ss the style of writing informal letter/ email.

Writing Preparation (5-7 minutes) • To let Ss be ready for the writing production

Ss will be given some time to brainstorm the ideas which they will include in writing. For instance, they will think about who they will to, and make notes about what they're doing now and what has happened. Then, Ss in pairs or small groups compare their ideas to help them choose the best ones to include in their writing.

Writing (7-13 minutes) • To let Ss apply what they have learnt on a writing production

Ss will be given papers to write on. A presentation will be delivered to them to do a good job. Ss will be provided with useful expressions they might include in their writing. I'll be around them to provide any help. Ss swap their writing to and give each other FB on errors, etc. If we still have some time, Ss put their writing on the walls, so they can read each others and decide whose life has changed the most.

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