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Beginner level


In this lesson, students will be introduced to ( a, some, a lot of, there's and there are ) through sentences taken from a reading text in the last lesson. The will have a controlled practice followed by a free practice.


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Main Aims

  • to clarify and practice ( a, some, a lot of, there's and there are ) through sentences taken from a reading text.

Subsidiary Aims

  • speaking and writing to practice target language.


Warmer/Lead-in (3-4 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students

Show the students few sentenced elicited from the text discussed in the last lesson. " There's a big shopping mall " " There are some nice parks " " There are a lot of old building "

Test #1 (4-5 minutes) • To gauge students' prior knowledge of the target language

Give the students an exercises to test their prior knowledge about ( There’s, there are, some, a and a lot of ) Monitor well to know which part the are struggling with.

Teach (6-8 minutes) • To clarify areas of the target language where students had difficulty in the first test stage

Meaning: choose three sentences to show the difference between ( There's and there are ) ( a, some and a lot of ) CCQs: " There's a big shopping mall " is there only one shopping mall ? [yes] are there many shopping malls ? [no] " There are some parks " are there only one park ? [no] are there more than one park ? [yes] are there many parks ? [no] " There are a lot of buildings " is there only one old building? [no] are there many old buildings? [yes] draw a cline to show the differences between all of them. Form : " There's a + noun [singular] " " There are some + noun [ plural ] " " There are a lot of + noun [ plural ] " Pronunciation : model and drill

Test #2 (6-8 minutes) • Check students' use of the target language again and compare with the first test

Give students the test 1 again and check then ask them to check answers in pairs then WC feedback.

Free practice (10-11 minutes) • To provide students with free practice of the target language

divide the class into pairs. give each pair a blank paper. ask all students to stand up and write things that exist in the classroom. e.g. : " There are a lot of desks in the classroom " after that ask students to all share information with each other. the group that has more correct sentences wins. then give WC feedback.

free practice activity (6-8 minutes) • to practice target language

divide the students into pairs. show the students a picture on the projector. ask each pair to write sentences using there's, there are, a , some and a lot of. then ask students to check answers on groups. Give WC feedback

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