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Teaching Practice 6
Elementary level


In this lesson, adjectives of appearance are introduced/reviewed through the use of a listening. Some necessary vocabulary (adjectives) are elicited/introduced during pre-listening stage and students are asked to use the vocabulary items during the production stage. Listening for the gist and specific information are practiced where the students are exposed to the TL. Worksheets are also used as supplementary material during different stages of the lesson.


Main Aims

  • To practice listening for the gist and listening for specific information using a certain context (describing physical appearance using adjectives).

Subsidiary Aims

  • To review/introduce adjectives about physical appearance. To practice using target vocabulary through speaking.


Warmer/Lead-in (3-5 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students

- T puts a photo of herself and her cousin on the board (cousin is blurred) and gives some background about her. T also puts A4 papers on the board with the name of the concepts related to physical appearance. T pairs the Ss up and asks them to guess what she looks like. Ss write as many adjectives as they can in 30-45 seconds related to the concepts on the board. Elicitation, Fb (The pair that has the most adjectives wins the competition) T shows the actual photo of her cousin.

Pre-Listening (12-15 minutes) • To prepare students for the listening and reviewing/introducing the necessary vocabulary.

- T elicits some adjectives from the Ss and writes them under the categories on the board. (if the Ss are unable to come up with adjectives, T guides them and MFP might be necessary) Drilling can be used if necessary. -T distributes Worksheet 1 and they fill in the blanks with the adjectives given in the box. Peercheck Fb using the track 1.43 Drilling the sentences if necessary (if Ss have pronunciation problems). -T very quickly goes over the use of adjectives on the board (T writes 1-2 sentences on the board and elicits the structural pattern : adj+N) - T puts a drawing on the board about the listening task and asks the Ss to guess who those people are, where they are, what do they possibly talk about with their partners . w/c Fb T asks the Ss how they would describe the man in the drawing. This is a w/c discussion task. (This whole stage can be skipped depending on time)

While-Listening (10-12 minutes) • To provide students with less challenging gist and specific information listening tasks.

- T distributes Worksheet 2 and they listen for the gist and do Task 1. Peercheck w/c Fb - T asks the Ss listen for the second time for specific information and do Task 2. peercheck w/c Fb

Post-Listening (8-10 minutes) • To provide with an opportunity to use what they have learned (adjectives) in a context (describing people physically).

- T distributes Worksheet 3 and asks them to choose a relative or a friend. They write 5 adjectives describing that person. They turn to their partner and tell each other about this relative/friend. They do this in turn and they take down notes as they listen to each other. They report what their partner has said to the whole class. T monitors during the whole activity and tries to collect sentences with errors.

Delayed error correction (1-2 minutes) • To correct the errors of the students.

- T writes a few sentences uttered by the students during the post-listening stage (speaking activity) on the board. T elicits the correct forms and gives Fb.

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