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Intermediate level


In this lesson students will practice using the second if conditional in the context of moral dilemmas.


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Abc Cutting Edge Intermediate, student's book pp 96-97

Main Aims

  • By the end of this lesson students will have practiced using the second if conditional in the context of moral dilemmas

Subsidiary Aims

  • To practice speaking in the context of personal opinions


Warmer/Lead-in (3-5 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students

I will start by greeting the students and welcoming them, then I will hand them the two paper-sheets with all the exercises. I will ask them to read the article individually and think about which result would be different in their country.

Gist-task (8-10 minutes) • To provide a gist-task to introduce the target language

I will ask students to work individually to answer the questionnaire under the article. I will demonstrate first about myself. Then I will ask students to work in pairs and compare each others' answers.

Highlight and clarify language (MFP) (10-14 minutes) • To highlight the target language in context

I will begin by asking the students to listen to three people talking about the questionnaire. I will ask students to listen to which questions they are discussing. I will ask them to listen again and complete the gaps in exercise 3b I will introduce the second if conditional through M/F/P (meaning, pronunciation and form) I will begin by writing the sentence "If I found a wallet, I would hand it in" I will ask the students the following CCQs: 1- Did I find a wallet? NO 2- Is this a real situation or imaginary? Imaginary 3- Are we talking about the past of the future? The future I will then draw a table on the board around the sentence to explain form. I will ask students to tell me the parts of speech and focus on the comma. I will also focus that the form doesn't change in the second conditional. I will pronounce the sentence three times (using a contracted form of would) as drilling, students will only listen. I will then use hand gestures to ask students to repeat the sentence three times, then will do group drilling and individual drilling and finally use back chaining technique.

Controlled practice (6-8 minutes) • To allow students to practice using the second if conditional

I will ask students to do the first exercise on the second page, with the correct form of the verb. I will demonstrate first and give them an example, then I will use ICQs to make sure they understood the task. I will give them 4 minutes to complete the task then I will ask them to check their answers in pairs and then I will ask one or two students to provide me with answers before displaying the answers of the projector.

Producing language (freer practice) and feedback (6-8 minutes) • To allow students to produce language using the second conditional

I will first demo exercise 3a on the second page. Then I will ask the students to make questions using the pronoun you, then I will ask them to work in groups to ask and answer the questions.

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