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TP8-giving and receiving comments and complements
Intermediate(B1) level


This is a Speaking this lesson the Sts wil learn and practice how to make positive comments, how to give and receive compliments and how to Thank and accept thanks.


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Main Aims

  • To provide fluency and accuracy speaking practice giving and receiving comments and comliments and saying thank you in the context of a wedding party

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide clarification and practice of language used for saying thank you, giving comments, giving complements in the context of wedding party


Lead-in (5-7 minutes) • to build the context

the teacher sticks the picture of a wedding on the board and Ask the students: What are the topics that people are most likely talk about at a wedding party? and they brainstorm the topics like: the bride and groom, one anther's clothes,the food, politics,world peace,the weather, the enjoyable occasions and then, T tells them imagine you are at a wedding party and you don't know the person next to you , start a conversation with him/her. FB:

focus on functional language(Guided discovery) (8-10 minutes) • to clarify the meaning, form andpronunciation of functional phrasesrelated to giving and receiving comments and compliments

T will give the students a HO in which they (in pairs)should put each expression in one of these categories: 1)Making positive comments 2)Giving and receiving compliments 3)Thanking and accepting Thanks FB:teacher will give them the answer key to check their answers then she will project the answers for doing CCQ s and drilling the pronunciation.

Conversation (5-7 minutes) • Accuracy practice with cards

T will give a pile of cards containing words and phraseto each pairs. Ss will pick up one card each time and give a comment on it or compliments and they take turns. T monitors , take notes FB: WC

conversation - freer speaking (15-20 minutes) • fluency

in this stage Ss are going to practice conversation in different topics in a wedding party. before that,T will write a topic on the board and will give a demo of a conversation with one of the Ss. T will paste different conversation topics on the wall, Sts will stand in front of one topic and start to their conversation .T wil monitor and take notes, She will stop them after two minutes and asks them to move to the next topic clockwise. FB:sometimes she will give error correction feedback in between the pauses they have before moving to the next topic.

if time - back to the board game (3-5 minutes) • a closing activity and a review of the Vocabularies

T put Sts in 2 groups and and one S from each group stands in front of the class while his back in to the board .T writes a word on the board, the group-mate will define it without using the word itself , the first group that finds the word gets one point.

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