Triantafyllos Koumpos Triantafyllos Koumpos

Ice braker
Summer School level


Main Aims

  • To meet with Ss and understand the level of their English

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide accuracy speaking and writing practice


Ice braker (10-12 minutes) • To introduce myself and learn a few things about the Ss

Draw a star on the board with the information below: PART 1: 1. Greece (I come from...) 2. Kebab (My favourite food is...) 3. Blue (My favourite colour is...) 4. Photography (I like...) 5. Istanbul (I live in...) Nominate Ss and ask them what they think the information are. (Note: If the level of the Ss is very low, in order to help write sentences next to the star and have them guess where goes what) PART 2: Ask them to draw their own star. Give them 2 minutes to do that. Script: Now draw your star and write about you. Check for understanding: What are you going to do now? Start now. Monitor and check for Ss that need help. Ask Ss to work in pairs. Ss will have to swap their stars and guess the information written from their partner. Script: Work in pairs (show them by gesture). Swap your stars. Read it and guess about your friend. Demonstrate with a Ss. Check for understanding: Do you work alone or together? Together Do you have to read each others stars? Yes You have 2 minutes. Feedback. Now Ss will have to share what they found about their partner. Script: Nominate Ss and ask Qs about their partner. Verify the answer with the partner. E.g. Mehmet likes football. Mehmet, is this right or wrong?

Gerund and infinity (5-7 minutes) • To clarify the target language

Write: I like play football (ask them if this is correct) You He She it We You They Elicit from Ss to fill in the correct form in the list. Ask them to give more examples.

Gerund and infinity activity (10-12 minutes) • To provide students with controlled writing practice using the target language

Script: Look at the sentences and check for words you don't know. Elicit from Ss for explaining. If not, use CCQs for guiding them to discover the vocabulary. Fill the gaps with the correct form. Demonstrate the first with a Ss. Work alone. Check for understanding. What do you have to do? You have 5 minutes. Monitor. Feedback. Compare your answers in pairs. Are they the same? Do the activity together

Present tense (love-->hate) (10-12 minutes) • To gauge students' prior knowledge of the target language in a controlled writing activity

Write the following on the board: love enjoy like dislike hate next to it write: school (going) football (playing) tea (drinking) books (reading) bananas (eating) Ask Ss to match the nouns with the adjectives. Script: Nominate: Mehmet, do you like playing football? Yes...What about you Yasemin?No...So do you hate playing football? Yes Write their answers on board in this format: He likes playing football. She dislikes/hates playing football. Ss will be given the activity print outs. They will have to work in pairs, interview and take notes of what they love/hate. Script: Work in pairs. Here are some answers. Ask them to each other and take notes. Demonstrate with a Ss. You have 2 minutes. Monitor. Now, write (show them the bottom right of the activity) about your partner. Demonstrate with a Ss and check for understanding. Feedback: Ask Ss to share their findings. Script: Mehmet, tell us about Yasemin....Does anyone else likes watching TV.

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