Sibel Susann Wilms Teoman Sibel Susann Wilms Teoman

TP 6
Elementary level


In this vocabulary lesson ss will learn about food related vocabulary and countable and uncountable nouns.


Abc Spidergraph
Abc Money
Abc Shopping lists
Abc Vocabulary Test (Food pictures)
Abc Beans not for astronauts video
Abc Answer Key Vocab. Test
Abc Cut-ups food
Abc Countable/Uncountable words chart
Abc useful shopping phrases

Main Aims

  • To provide clarification and practice of food vocabulary in the context of shopping

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide clarification of countable and uncountable nouns in the context of food


Lead-In: Beans not for astronauts video (2-3 minutes) • To introduce the topic of food

I will ask the ss: "WHAT DID THE ASTRONAUT EAT?" and then play the video.

Testing Vocabulary (TTT) (5-10 minutes) • To introduce and clarify new vocabulary

I will show the ss the food pictures and the food vocabulary on the board and I will ask them to match 1 picture with 1 word. We will do one example together, then they will do the rest alone. (ICQ??) During this process, I will monitor them closely to discover possible difficulties and take notes. Once they have finished, they will find the answer keys under their chairs. I will give them some time to check.

Teaching/Drilling Vocabulary (TTT) (5-8 minutes)

Then I will drill those words which were difficult for them ("false friends, difficult pronunciations, etc..). possible vocab. to drill: 1. chocolate 2. bananas 3. strawberries 4. potatoes 5. onions 6. biscuits 7. crisps 8. yoghurt

chart for countable /uncountable nouns (5 minutes) • Test vocabulary /grammar (TTT)

I will show them the HO on the white board and explain what they should do (put the countable nouns on the left side of the chart and the uncountable nouns on the right side) Then we will do 1 example togehter. After that, they`ll work alone. I will monitor them closeely and take notes for right and wrong answers.

Cut-ups new vocabulary (5 minutes) • Feedback

I will ask the ss to come to the board and pin each 2-3 words on the chart at the board. Then I will check the answers with them.

Test Vocab/Test Grammar (3-5 minutes) • to see if they understood if the nouns are countable or not

I will divide them into 2-3 groups (beyza with kerim, selver with feyza, Ahmet with betül) project the spidergraph on the board and tell them to put the right food around each spidergraph. We will do 1 example together, then they will work alone. After that, they will find the right answers under the tables in the lobby.

Shopping!! (10-12 minutes) • to make the ss use the new vocab and to make them realize which are countable/uncountable

I will tell them we`ll go shopping. I will pair them first and then project some useful phrases on the board. Buyer (Can I have.....please?) (Can you please give me....?) (Thank you) shop assistant (Anything else?) (Here you are!) Then I will show them the money and the lists and I`ll demonstrate with Kerim how a shopping situation would be. Then they will play a dialogue in their pairs. I will be monitoring closely and note good and bad usage of countable/uncountable words. After that they will change their roles. And then change their partners and their lists.

Delayed Feedback (5 minutes) • to clarifiy (un-)countable nouns

I will write some good examples on one and some bad examples on the other side. Together we will decide which are good/bad.

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