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phrasal verbs
b2 level


In this course, students will learn the meanings of phrasal verbs and how they are used.


Main Aims

  • To provide clarification of phrasal verbs in the context of school and daily life

Subsidiary Aims

  • phrasal verbs can lead to a great confusion of meaning when not known. to contribute to developing this with practices.


Warmer/Lead-in (3-5 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students

describing similar phrasal verbs together. make them guess the meanings and establish similarities.

Exposure (8-10 minutes) • To provide a model of production expected in coming tasks through reading/listening

students find texts with phrasal verbs and read them in the classroom environment. explains the meaning

Useful Language (8-10 minutes) • To highlight and clarify useful language for coming productive tasks

students are asked to write down the phrasal verbs in any movie they watch

Productive Task(s) (18-20 minutes) • To provide an opportunity to practice target productive skills

Students prepare visual boards in which they will use similar phrasal verbs in the same text and present them to the class.

Feedback and Error Correction (8-10 minutes) • To provide feedback on students' production and use of language

After the presentations and the phrasal verbs learned, kahoot is played in the classroom or a phrasal verb knowledge competition is organized among the students, and the subject is learned in a fun way.

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