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TP 6: Virus Alert! Reading
Intermediate level


In this lessons, students will watch a viedo about cyberb crime and its effects. They will read the text about two virus creators. They will be engaged in jigsaw reading. They will practice speaking in the given context.


Abc Picture 1 (David)/ Picture 2 (Onel)
Abc Internet/ Computers questionnaire
Abc Reading texts 1 and 2
Abc Numbers Handout
Abc Youtube video

Main Aims

  • Reading about virus makers

Subsidiary Aims

  • Speaking in the context of internet and computers.


Lead In: Video (3-6 minutes) • To reinforce and the context from the previous lesson

Teacher tells students that they are going to watch a video about something they talked about in the previous lesson. T asks students what was the topic of the previous lesson. The answer is: computer virus alerts. T tells them that they are going to watch a video about Stevie Wilson's internet experience. She is editor, writer and blogger. Ss do not need to understand every word. (Listening for general understanding) Pre-watching pointers: What is the problem in the video? Stevie's computer got infected by the virus. How did it happen? She downloaded a file from the Internet. How did she react? She panicked. Students watch the video. (1:57min) Post-watching CCQs: Did Stevie have a problem on the internet? Yes. Did her computer stop working? Yes. Did it stop working because of the power cut? No. She had a virus on her computer. Do you remember how it happened? She downloaded a file. What was her first reaction? She panicked. How does she feel now? Very upset. What did she lose? All her photos, files, her blog. Is this a serious problem? Yes. Did you ever have a problem with the virus? Is it against the law? Yes. How do we call the things people do that are against the law? Illegal./ Crime Do you know how we call this type of crime? Elicit cyber crime. T writes the word cyber crime on the WB and does the MFP analysis with them.

Jigsaw reading (10-15 minutes) • To have students practice reading

Teacher sticks two pictures on the board. In one picture there is David L. Smith and in the other, Onel de Guzman. Both of them are computer virus makers. T asks a few questions about the pictures: How do they look? Serious? Where do they work? In a bank? At the airport? a. T divides class into two groups. T explains that one half of the class will be Davd and the other Onel. (ICQs!) T tells them that they will have to read carefully because they will have to answer the questions. T gives them handouts. Ss read silently and answer the questions for themselves. b. Ss from one group go and look for a person from another group to hear about them. S who read the text and answered questions about David goes to hear about Onel. They take notes. c. Feedback. T nominates the student and asks who he or she asked about other character. What did you find out about David/Onel? e.g. Irem, who was your partner? Selin. Okay, what did selin tell you about David? Which country is he from?

Reading for detail (5-8 minutes) • To have students explore the text more

T tells Ss to turn their handouts upside down so they can't look at the text anymore and gives them handouts with numbers that have been mentioned in the reading text. S need to remember what the numbers stand for in the text. in 1999 - D.L. Smith created Melissa virus 50 - email addresses infested by the virus $80 million - Melissa virus cost businesses 20 months - David was in jail May 2000 - Onel de Guzman was arrested 45 million - computers were affected $10 billion - damage by Love bug Ss check in pairs. Then they turn their handouts to read again and check.

Speaking Questionnaire (10-12 minutes) • To have students practice speaking.

T gives them a questionnaire form. Students work in groups and ask each other questions about their Internet experience. They fill up the questionnaire. They share the information with the rest of the class. To make it more challenging, S must ask questions to two people who are not in their own group. They mingle to find a partner and note hi or her answers.

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