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TP 2
Elemantary A1 level


In this lesson students will learn the practise of functional language for meeting people using Informal and Formal English. Students will practise listening skills and speaking skills performing a role play.


Main Aims

  • To provide practise of functional language for meeting people.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide semi-controlled speaking practise.


Lead in (4-6 minutes) • Generate interest in formal/informal language using groupwork.

T will ask Ss what informal and formal situations are. T will elicit answers from Ss and write on the board, Formal English: is used to write essays for school, cover letters for jobs, or emails and letters. Informal English: We use it with friends and relatives. T will show pictures of formal/informal situations in the book. T will ask Ss where it is and if the situation is formal and informal.

Listening Exercise 1. (5-6 minutes) • Listening for gist. Matching pictures.

Ss will listen to four conversations and match with the correct pictures. Ss will identify conversations that are formal/informal. Ss check with their partners and T gets feedback from the class.

Listening Exercise 2. (4-5 minutes) • Focus on language and speaking.

Ss listen again and choose the correct option for the conversations. T tells Ss to listen carefully for this task.

Language Focus Exercise 1. (5-6 minutes) • To focus on Functional Language.

Ss will put the words in the correct order to make phrases. T puts the students into pairs for this exercise, then selects some Ss to write the answers on the board.

Language Focus Exercise 2 & 3. (4-8 minutes) • To focus on Functional Language.

Ss work in the same pairs to complete the table with the phrases from exercise 1. T draws the table on the board. T gets feedback by selecting Ss to write the correct phrases on the board. T asks Ss which phrases are formal. T elicits answers from Ss and tells them to tick the formal expressions in the table.

Speaking/Role Play Exercise. (10-14 minutes) • Ss role play functional language with speaking practise.

T gives out a piece of card to Ss, which has a famous persons full name and occupation (informal/formal written on it). Ss act out a greeting role play. T shows the Ss what they have to do by demonstrating with a S. T puts the Ss into pairs and they demonstrate their speaking skills with a partner. After the practise with a partner, Ss model their dialogue to another pair. The other pair could listen and guess whether it is formal/informal dialogue. T can do delayed error correction on the board after the task if there is time.

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