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Copy of House Vocabulary
Beginner level


In this lesson, students will be able to learn the vocabulary about furniture in the context of 'house'. They will also be exposed to the use of 'there's/there are'. The lesson starts with a brainstorming question which aims to getting the students to elicit the keyword; house. This is followed by the presentation stage. The students will be asked to group the furniture pictures via an encouraging activity. Then they wil be given a handout related to a recording about house and furniture. They will be asked to listen to the recording and circle the words they hear. After this controlled practice, they will play a group game. Finally they will be given a paper sheet and draw their dream house. As a freer practice, the students will be asked to work in pairs and tell about their dream house producing the target language using the vocabulary introduced in the lesson.


Abc A bell and four lollipop crafts in different colours
Abc Paper House
Abc Handout for listening activity and follow-up activity
Abc Pictures of Household Items
Abc Recording
Abc A bell and four lollipop crafts in different colours

Main Aims

  • To provide clarification and practice of household items and furniture vocabulary in the context of house

Subsidiary Aims

  • To practice listening for specific information and using target language in a meaningful context


Warmer (2-3 minutes) • To get Ss attention

Teacher shows a triangle and a square craft. Students will be asked to think on the shapes and build a connection between the them. The teacher will try to elicit the word "house".

Presentation (3-5 minutes) • To introduce the target vocabulary

The teacher draws a big house and writes the rooms' names on the board. After a simple demonstration about the activities we do in each room, the T asks the Ss to check their chairs and show the pictures of household items and furniture. The Ss will be asked to stick the pictures according to the rooms. This activity will help them to learn the target vocabulary in a simple context.

Controlled Practice (5-10 minutes) • To reinforce the target vocabulary and listening skills

The T gives handouts to the Ss and give simple intructions for the listening task. The T will use CCQs to make sure them understand that they are asked number the pictures and circle the words they hear in accordance with the recording. (Ex.1) Then they will be asked to match the pictures to the correct words and to group them as appropriate. (Ex.2. This activity may also be assigned as homework)

Follow-up Activity (3-5 minutes) • To raise an awareness to the target vocabulary

The Ss will be divided into four group with the names of the rooms; e.g. bedroom, bathroom, living room and kitchen. Each team will have a lollypop in a different colour. When the Ss hear the related word, they will raise the lollypop crafts. If they raise the craft after an irrelevant word, another student will compete with the Ss from the other groups. The teacher will announce each false attempt with the bell.

Freer practice/speaking (3-7 minutes) • To encourage students to speak for fluency

The T gives each student a paper sheet to create their own house. The Ss will draw the household items and furniture on the paper sheet given. They will be asked to work in pairs or small groups. They will talk about their house using 'there's/are' during the speaking task.

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