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Grade 6 level


Lesson on accidents. Materials are on the computer in 405, in the folder.


Main Aims

  • Get kids more comfortable using vocab and sentences talking about injuries and accidents

Subsidiary Aims

  • singing and dancing and moving of course!


context • get kids excited -- about getting hurt???

Play the funny animals video. Give commentary - ouch, the cat fell! The dog tripped! etc.

vocab • Give kids some new words to describe injuries

Use PPT - this only has a few images (fall, cut, scrape, hospital) but you can introduce more vocab by making full sentences, e.g. This man had an accident. What did he do? (Fell off his bike, scraped his knee, etc.) Mime as well as use pictures, and do creative drilling (e.g. if you have a red shirt, say "accident") - they're sixth graders and should be able to do that. Also do body parts and model the sentence pattern I ___ [hurt, scraped, etc.] my ___ [body part], that way kids can use this for the controlled activity.

controlled practice • get kids practicing the vocab

Print out slideshow pics. Pass out the injuries and put the hospital up in front. Say, "Who needs to go to the hospital?" Get one of the kids with a picture to say, "I need to go to the hospital." Ask them why, encourage them to say, I cut my finger, I fell off my bike, etc. according to the image they're holding. If you need more time you can make this freer by letting kids come up with their own injuries, without pictures.

free practice • Give kids a chance to expand upon what they've learned.

In groups kids write a short story. It should have several sentences and result in an injury. When kids are done, get some groups to come up in front of the class and act it out (one kid reads, others act). To help kids you can write words on the board that they can use, or some sentence structures.

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