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Introducing have/have got
Elementary level


In this lesson Ss will practice using the "have/has got" verb and will use their current knowledge to answer short yes/no questions on personal possessions.


Abc Harry & Harriet's room
Abc Picture table
Abc answering questions
Abc Formulating questions

Main Aims

  • To practice the have/has got verb and introduce short yes/no answers through the context of talking about personal possessions.

Subsidiary Aims

  • Improve speaking fluency


lead in (5-10 minutes) • Get students familiar with personal possessions vocab.

In groups of 3-4 give students HO of personal possession pictures. Together ask them to write the words they know next to the objects. As w/c get the students to FB to me, one group at a time, the words they know.

Introducing have/has got questions & answers (5-10 minutes) • Giving students examples of have/has got questions and answers

Give out photocopy of question 10a, ask students to fill in the gaps. Do 1st question together. Remind students you/they/we/(names) uses "have" & he/she uses "has got". Give then 5 minutes.

intro feedback (5-5 minutes) • to make sure class have correct answers to 1st task

w/c feed back; Ask each group in turn their answers, write correct answers on the board. Repeat with the entire class the sentences. Ask different students questions.

Task 5 (5-5 minutes) • get students to put together correct sentences

give student different colour cut outs of muddled up sentences get them to re-arrange them. Do the 1st question on the WB.

Task 5b (5-10 minutes) • answer questions they have just created

I will answer my example question on the WB. I will them hand out the answers for them to check & ask them to look at the table and answer the questions in pairs. All re-sight as a class the entire questions and answers.

Harry & Harriet's room (10-10 minutes) • drill in what has been taught during lesson

Competition between 3 groups, I will ask questions like; has harry got a dog? - yes he has. has she got a mobile phone? have they got tv's? first students from each group to answer gets the point.

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