Murat Murat

Teaching Plan 2
Pre-Intermadiate level


In this lesson students will be reading a text about millionaires. First there will be an introduction to lesson using well known Turkish millionaires. After that the students will be skimming the text; after discussing the results and having one more discussion about the text, the students will be scanning the text for certain information to use in a fill in the blanks exercise.


Abc Printed pictures of famous Turkish millionaires
Abc First half of the photocopies from the book Inside Out
Abc Second half of the photocopies from the book Inside Out
Abc Question and answer sheets for the game

Main Aims

  • To provide practice in gist reading and scanning using the text 'The good, the bad and the extremely generous'.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To review and practice lexis related to money


Lead-in (5-7 minutes) • To inform students about the context of the lesson and engage them using several Turkish millionaires

-Start by talking about the millionaires in the pictures on the board. Who are they? What do they do? -Ask students what a millionaire is, discuss about why they are called millionaires -Ask if they think everyone wants to become millionaires. If yes why, or if no why?

Pre-reading Section (7-9 minutes) • To familiarize the students with the handouts, to get them ready for the article the will read

Set-up groups of 4-5 and Ss discuss: -The different ways of becoming a millionaire -The millionaires they know and if they know how they made their money -What kind of jobs they think people make millions from

While Reading - Reading for gist (5-7 minutes) • The Ss read for the gist in the article

-Elicit the meaning of generous -Ask them to skim the text to decide who they thing the good, the bad and the extremely generous is -The students discuss their answers and which millionaire the sympathize with the most in pairs

While Reading - Reading for specific informaiton (10-12 minutes) • Students scan the articles for specific vocabulary

-The students scan the articles for vocabulary that relates to money in some way -Ss use the vocabulary they found to fill in the blanks for the 2nd exercise -Check the answers with the class -Ss ask the question in the practice to each other and answer.

Lexi Stage - Game (10-15 minutes) • To engage the students with TL using a game format they are familiar with

Set-up groups of 4-5 -One student is the question master that has the questions and the answers -Rest of the students try to answer the questions -If any of the group's contestants can get the right answers to all of the questions they win

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