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Speaking and grammar
A2-B1 Pre-intermediate level


This is a speaking and grammar lesson, where the SS will practice grammar and speaking in the context of "What's your advice?". SS will have a lead in, where I will set the context for the target language, prepare to listen where they will speak about and listen the context, listen for gist, grammar practice,semi-controlled practice and a free speaking practice.


Abc Annie's Advice article - 2
Abc Gap-fill exercise and answer sheet - 3A, 3B
Abc Grammar HO - 4
Abc Semi controlled speech and free speech HO - 5

Main Aims

  • To provide speaking practice through conversation in the context of What's your advice?"

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide clarification of the modal verb "should" of in the context of "What's your advice?"


Lead in (1-4 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students

1. Put pictures on board 2. Ask what are the people doing? 3. What is the same in all the pictures? 4. I'm going to give you three minutes, talk in your groups and decide what is happening in the pictures 5. SS talks 6. Feedback - what did you think? Try to elicit "advice", give it if they cant.

Prepare to speak (6-8 minutes) • To activate SS' knowledge of the topic,to have the SS speak about the context, and to listen to see if their ideas are right.

1. Give SS the reading exercise, "Dear Annie!" 2. Read the exercise, I will give you 2 minutes, to see what problems these people have. 3. Speak in groups - What were the problems the people had? 4.Feedback - Nominate a few SS to tell me the problems 5. In groups think of advice for these people 6. SS discuss it 7. Listen to see if you were right. 8. Play 8.4 9. Do peer checking 10. You listened, now complete the sentences using the words in the box. 11. Give the gap-fill 12. We listen again, check if your answers are right 13. Feedback - Are we clear? Any problems?

Grammar (8-11 minutes) • To provide controlled practice of the modal verb "should" in the context of "Whats' your advice"

1. Give grammar HO 2. Look at the exercise and discuss the grammar with your group 3. SS talk 4. While SS talk write Negative and Question on the whiteboard 5. Let's look at the grammar. 6. Which of the sentences has the stronger advice? Say sentences out loud. Answer - B 7. Should and must are modal verbs, how do we make a negative with it? 8. Nominate a student to write a negative sentence on the board 9. How do we make a question with it? 10. Nominate a student to write a question on the board 11. Drill four sentences: He must get professional help You should show him this letter What should I do? You shouldn't worry about this

Semi controlled practice (7-12 minutes) • To provide a semi controlled speaking exercise

1. Give folded HO for semi controlled practice. 2. Pair SS 3. Look at the top part of the exercise. The first example:"I can't sleep at night" Elicit the answers from SS - You must do more exercise. - You shouldn't drink drink so much coffee. 4. Now work together in pairs to give advice for the seven other problems. 5. SS talk 6. Compare your answers 7. Feedback - nominate a few SS to give answers of two or three problems. 6.

Free speaking (8-10 minutes) • To develop oral fluency through a free speaking task

1. Let's practice this in speaking - give me some advice - I want to learn Turkish, what should I do? Elicit some answers from SS 2. Unfold the HO. In pairs you take turns to give advice for the problems on the handout, using "should/shouldn't" 3. SS speak 4. Monitor - listen to the advice given. Write down some of the good advice, as well as errors made 5. Feedback - If errors write on the board and go through, some delayed error correction.

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